Dan Bilzerian is a professional poker player and also a social media celebrity. He’s well known for his luxurious lifestyle where he hangs out with multiple women, drives expensive cars, and enjoys himself in lavish parties. 

Born in Tampa, Florida to Paul Bilzerian, a successful corporate specialist, Dan was able to live quite comfortably. He tried becoming a “Navy Seal” by enrolling in its training program but was never able to finish it no matter how much he tried. Eventually, he gave up and went to “University of Florida” to get a degree in business and criminology.

Dan then started playing in the 2009 “World Series of Poker” and continued on to play in multiple major poker events. Through this, he’s claimed that he’s been able to amass millions of dollars with his winnings.

Though with his current lifestyle, he’s already suffered three heart attacks at the age of 32 from drug abuse a various other factors

Personal Details

Celebrity Name: Dan Bilzerian

Real Name:.Dan Brandon Bilzerian

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Birthday: December 7, 1980

Birthplace: Tampa, Florida, United States

Age: 38 years old

Nationality: American-Armenian

Status: Single

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 73 kg

Profession: Entrepreneur

Net Worth: $200 million 

Early Life and Education

Dan Brandon Bilzerian was born on the 7th of November 1980, in Tampa, Florida. He’s one of two children from Paul Bilzerian and Terri Steffen. His father worked in Wall Street as a corporate raider and was able to accumulate a massive amount of wealth and build trust funds to his sons before he got incarcerated. 

While in high school, he brought a machine gun into school property. This resulted in him being prohibited to walk for graduation and almost getting expelled from the school.

In 2000, he enrolled in the Navy SEAL training program so he can follow his father’s footsteps. Although this fell short because of his lack of discipline which resulted in him getting dropped from the military due to a fight that ensued with one of his officers.

This resulted in him going to college and get a degree in business and criminology. Not long after, he decided to make money by having a poker career.

Personal Life and Lifestyle

The lifestyle that Dan has been wanting to achieve was one of a high profile life. He’s gone and even hosted lots of luxurious parties alongside his friends and has been hanging out with various women. 

Due to this, when he was still 25, he’s already had two heart attacks in two consecutive days. Doctors have presumed that this was because of the massive amount of alcohol, drugs, and sex that he’s been doing.

Showing off the fortune that he’s managed to get through poker, he’s become a huge celebrity by amassing more than 25 million followers on Instagram. His content mainly consists of him traveling around the world alongside various beautiful women.

People who’ve gone into one of his parties have claimed that everyone would consume huge amounts of drugs and alcohol. They’ve also said that people would have sex with anyone and Dan also has multiple sex partners in one party. 

He also has a brother named Adam who, unlike him, is living peacefully in a small West Indian country and has never wished for a lifestyle like Dan’s.

Career as a Professional Poker Player

Dan started playing more high stakes games in poker which helped him make a massive amount of fortune. Although he also funded a few startup companies, his main source of income was still in his poker career. 

Dan BilzerianWith the massive amount of success that Dan has made through poker, some people have been speculating that he was a fraud though these allegations were never backed-up. 

In 2009, he started playing in the competitive scene by joining the “World Series of Poker”. He managed to get the 180th place in the tournament and was named as one of the “funniest poker players in the world” by Bluff Magazine.

By 2013, he was able to make over $10 million in one night of playing poker and made over $50 million throughout the year.

Movie Roles

With Dan’s massive success and celebrity status, he’s been able to have a career in the film industry. He made his debut in the 2013 action film “Olympus Has Fallen”. The following year, he also had a role in Mark Whalberg’s war film “Lone Survivor”.

Dan also had minor appearances in several movies like Denzel Washington’s “The Equalizer” and also a cameo on the 2016 war-crime film “War Dogs”.


With the massive amount of wealth that Dan Bilzerian has made throughout his life, he’s been able to take part in various charitable organizations. He created the “Robin Hood Project” which was made to aid people who need financial assistance.

In 2015, he also hosted a poker tournament in Las Vegas in order to raise money for brain research. The event took place in his house and had a $1,000 dollar admission fee. Various celebrities joined in on the even like well-known actor Vin Diesel and rapper Ludacris. The event managed to raise over $100,000 for charity. 

Total Net Worth

Dan Bilzerian currently has a total net worth of over $200 million.

Dan Bilzerian

Most of his earnings come from his overall winnings in poker and also from his massive amount of followers in Instagram.

Several Controversies

In 2014, Dan filed a lawsuit against the producers of the 2013 film “Lone Survivor” due to how his 8-minute screentime was shortened into just 1 minute. Though the charges were later dropped due to how the film became a commercial success and earned him $1.5 million on investments.

During the same year, he also got banned from a nightclub in Miami for kicking the model Vanessa Castano in the face. This led to the model filing suit against Bilzerian due to the injuries that resulted during the incident.

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