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Are you looking for Crypto write for us? Today is your lucky day because you have found us. We were hoping you could provide writing materials for us. If you are an expert in anything to do with Crypto, including the industry and many other crypto-related matters, you can share your experience with others.

We require people like you to provide us with high-quality Crypto write for us posts which helps educate our readers. If you feel you fit the bill, send us your content through:

Why should you write for us?

We consider this a mutual relationship whereby we benefit and offer our authors a chance to gain. You can gain by;

A platform for sharing your views

People have divergent views about the business in the crypto market, and not many get a platform to share them. We offer you a chance to access our platform, which thousands of readers visit every day to share your views.

We do not limit you from offering your opinions but instead encourage you to share them. We discourage people who only provide cliché pointers as their content does not interest our readers.

Chance to network with the blockchain global community

We have many readers from the blockchain community, including industry leaders and experts. If you submit your guest posts to us, you never know who is interested in your work and looks for you. Take a step of faith and write these guest posts, as they are likely to offer you a chance to connect with global leaders in the crypto communities.

It, therefore, necessitates that you write high-quality content likely to elicit interest from such leaders. We always allow you to add an author’s bio containing your social media info and even a link to your website. Therefore, anyone who takes an interest in you can find you quickly.


We do not set any time limits for you. We allow you to submit your content according to your schedule. When writing for us, you are under no pressure, and you work under the conditions that fit you.

What kind of articles do we want?

We need high-quality posts, and therefore there are specific guidelines we have set for our writers. These guidelines are:

Article length

We want substantive content. We need you to write relatively long articles to express your position, and readers can get to know what you are communicating through your writing. We recommend that you write lengths of 800+ words. The longer the article, the better.


We do not accept published articles. We want 100% unique posts because we highly prohibit plagiarizing content. We urge you to offer your interesting creative ideas. Also, you can gift us with your experiences in crypto trading.

You can also analyze current events and trending news in the blockchain community. If you are familiar with the technical areas of Crypto, we highly invite you to send us your post.

Interactive content

It is best if you have engaging content for readers to follow through. Content is more interesting, depending on how you structure it. We advise that you have short sentences because they are easy to read. Also, avoid jargon that an ordinary man cannot understand. The paragraphs should be long, and your article should contain sub-headings.

Remember to include images, videos, and reference links relevant to the topic you are handling. These images engage the reader and enable him to connect with what you are writing. For references, you can include them by adding hyperlinks to your post. Referencing helps in making your article more credible and reliable.


It is best if you identify target keywords for your audience. Once you establish the keywords, place them naturally in your text. It would be best if you also put these keywords in your subheadings. You need to include keywords to make your work more SEO-friendly. Also, consider having meta descriptions as they also help with SEO.

How to submit your articles?

If you can write Crypto write for us articles that meet the stipulated guidelines, you should start writing today. If we are satisfied with what you have for us, we will approve them. Please write us your articles and submit them via: