If you want to change the format of pdf files to word in just one click, then you are surely on the right post and at the right time. In this brief article, we will tell you guys all about the best online pdf to word converter tools that can help you make a conversion for free and with just one click.

There is plenty of online PDF to Word converter tools, but not all are reliable and easy to use. The tools that have shortlisted in this traction are the ones that have been examined, analyzed, and practiced by experts. 

There are various reasons you might need to convert a pdf file to word or vice versa, but we will not get into this matter today. Rather we would tell you about the simple tools that can help you with this conversion. 

The Top-Notch PDF to Word converter tools found on the internet

These online pdf to word converter tools have different qualities and a smooth working experience because of which they have been added to this list. 

Free PDF to Word Converter 

Plagiarismdetector.net is a very versatile website that was first only known for plagiarism checking services. Today, the website has been improved and optimized and now provides free services like documents rephrasing and converting files to different formats. This online pdf to word converter is one of the website’s best services, both in terms of accuracy and user-friendliness. 

The use of this free pdf to doc converter is quite simple, and you do not need any experience to use it for conversion. You have to open convert pdf to word tool on your browser and use the uploading option to enter pdf files into this pdf to docs tool. After converting pdf files, you have to press the option that says, ‘convert to the word’ You can get a new word file in the same format in less than a few seconds!

PDF element

PDF element is an incredibly famous source that can be used for the conversion, edition, and even reading of pdf files. You must know that this online tool can be used on any device because it works based on the cloud. It would help if you had a browser and a strong web connection to run this free program.

This tool is a little complicated for users who are first converting the pdf files to docs or any other format for that matter, but one must know that this online converter tool can produce top quality results in mere conversions. The most common issue faced in the conversion of files is the damaging of file format. This tool protects the file format to its core, and you don’t have to worry about any loss in the quality or style of the file!

I Love PDF Converter

This is another platform that has gathered much fame for converting files to different formats. The most common type of file-to-file conversion is pdf to word, and this tool has great expertise in this regard.

You must know that this online pdf to word converter tool can not only change the format of the files, but you can also use it to compress pdf files, merge documents, watermark pdf files, rotating them, and also in splitting them into small divisions.

This converter tool is extremely easy to use. You have to register an account with this tool to get free and unlimited features!


This online tool is yet another one that can be used to convert files from pdf to word. This online tool is incredibly famous, and this is only because of the interface of the tool.

This online conversion program has the simplest and most attractive interface that can teach even a non-specialist how to convert files to word. This PDF to word converter tool is a designated service, so the tool’s main focus is to protect the format and style of your document.

It does not matter if your pdf is filled up with images or graphic content, as this tool can easily convert every element in the pdf file in its original style and shape!


This online pdf converter tool is one of the quickest and easy-to-use services you can find on the internet. This online pdf to word converter tool works in six different languages, and this is why people across the globe love it.

You can use this pdf service to convert files to word and other office formats. This online tool is compatible with every device and operating system, making it the most accessible tool found on the internet. 

You do not need experience or skills to run these programs. Simple knowledge of the internet can help you operate these online tools and make quick conversions for free. You must try all of these online pdf to word converter tools and use the one that intrigues you the most!

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