Holiday celebrants eagerly look forward to Christmas festivities. Now that the holiday is inching closer the Santa spirits are at an all-time high. We want to maintain the long-held, gift-sharing tradition and also want our gifts to be the most thoughtful and a complete stand-out.

Christmas is bland without gifts. The cheerful smiles, warm hugs, and joyful feelings – evoked upon receiving presents – add color and joy to the already merry and memorable occasion.

When buying gifts for our friends and family, we need to consider their likes and interests. However, we cannot keep giving them similar gift items every year. Variety is essential to keep the spirit alive and to make your loved ones realize that you have put an extra effort into getting them a meaningful present.

The most difficult task is to get gifts for our fashion-conscious friend who is a walking fashion encyclopedia. Impressing them with your gift shopping genius is the most difficult task. This is probably why we shop for their gifts, last.

If you are one of the celebrants who are still not sure what to buy your fashion-forward friend, then continue reading. This post is dedicated to providing you smart ideas that are cute, trendy, and also quite practical. So, let’s dive right in!

Customized Bandanas

Bandanas are the talk of the fashion city and extremely trendy. The designer pieces by 4inbandana will be the best gift for your most stylish friend. The artwork you choose on custom printed tubular bandanas can be something related to Christmas.

You can also opt for a monochrome, flirty, scarlet-colored satin piece. Be creative with your bandana give-aways, after all, it is always the thought that counts. You can even have a friend’s initials printed on it. It’s comfy, practical, perfect with every outfit and for every event. Mark the words, she will flaunt it with pride.

Face Masks

Face covers and masks are a constant garment now. And no one said that they need to look clinical. We’re sure that your stylish friend already owns a handful of chic and stylish printed face masks. You can bring a beautiful addition to her collection by getting her a cute mask.

 Small Hand-Bag

Fashionistas love bags; bags are their weakness. Don’t worry it does not have to be overly pricey. You can easily find a designer bag for under $100. Handbags with thick metal chains are a hot item and will continue to be in trend in the year 2021. Moreover, you can buy her a cute designer clutch that she can use to carry minimal essentials in style.

Edgy Earrings

If she is into fashion there is no way she can resist the charm of this gift. Edgy jewelry pieces, especially earrings, are always successful in making the recipient smile radiantly. There are a variety of styles available that you can choose from. This Christmas make it unique; get your friend a piece that you would want for yourself to make it more meaningful.

Engraved Bracelets

When talking about a jewelry give-away one cannot forget about these classic pieces that always prove to be a successful gift idea. You can have a bracelet engraved with a beautiful message for your friend that she can wear as a constant reminder of your bond and friendship.

Thick Warm Socks

You might find it an unusual idea but this gift idea can warm the feet and the hearts. Multiple designers are offering custom-made socks with beautiful prints inspired by holiday seasons. This fashion staple is timeless and will become a wardrobe go-to for your friend as the temperature becomes more frigid. You can gift a pair of socks with some delicious, warm baked goodies and your friend will love the gesture.


We love monochrome hoodies with cartoon characters printed on the front. We have our terminology for this fashion staple – the “toon-hoodie.” These hoodies look extremely cute and are a perfect casual-wear article. Get your friend’s favorite cartoon custom-printed on the hoodie to create the perfect Christmas look.

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