Does the fashion industry fascinate you, but you are unsure how to become a part of it? Read on.

While a career in fashion design is incredibly sought-after, it’s not the only profession within this domain. You don’t always need to be great at sketching ball gowns or summer dresses if you wish to be a part of the fashion industry. You can also choose the business side of fashion, which is just as lucrative and fulfilling as the creative front.

With a multitude of careers available in the fashion and lifestyle business, here are a few top ones for you to choose from:

Brand Management

With a degree in fashion and lifestyle business management, you can take care of a brand’s market placement and advertising strategy. A brand manager is also responsible for interpreting customer trends and influencing their perceptions of a brand. These professionals have the critical role of ensuring that branding stays consistent across the buyer spectrum.

Fashion Merchandising

What looks good sells well! Fashion designers might create masterpieces, but what good are they if nobody’s trying them out? Visual or fashion merchandisers oversee the styling of apparels in retail stores and fashion houses. When done right, this aspect of fashion has a positive impact on the overall sales of a brand.

Public Relations (PR)

If you are naturally good with people, choose fashion public relations. As a PR person, you will work alongside fashion editors and together distribute positive content around your brand. Your number one priority will be to create brand recognition.

To accomplish this, you will also engage in market research, trend analysis, explore customer retention tactics, build your network of fashion journalists and celebrities. You will do all of this with the sole aim of elevating your brand.

Fashion Retail or Sales

As a fashion retailer, you will develop innovative strategies to ensure your brand’s products reach buyers easily. You ensure that the supply chain is not hampered, and customers don’t go around looking for apparel they saw on a magazine cover (thanks to the excellent coverage brought about by your PR team) but could not find it in the store. You will also indulge in analyzing customer demand for particular clothing, negotiate raw material prices with suppliers, manage your sales executives, forecast sales, etc.

Social Media Management

It’s no secret that a horde of buyers today are engaging with brands across social media platforms. Therefore, social media management is critical if you want to create a positive image around your brand and boost sales.

As a social media manager, you will be responsible for driving traffic to your website, nurturing leads, sharing interesting content on your page, hosting live events, deploying flash sales – the possibilities are endless! Today, the fashion industry sells as many items over e-commerce as they do in stores. And a social media manager can facilitate the connection between the two seamlessly.

Fashion Journalism

If you have a business sense, but you also like to write, consider fashion journalism. You can pen down every trend you studied, the latest happening within the industry, and whatnot. Share your precious fashion insights with the rest of the world by choosing this profession. From writing for fashion magazines to starting your own fashion blog, the possibilities within this domain are endless.

Over to You

While a career in the fashion and lifestyle business is lucrative and sought-after, you can’t pursue one confidently without a formal degree or diploma in the field. So, choose to do UG in fashion business management from a renowned institution like the Pearl Academy and take the first step towards a career in the fashion business.

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