When we think about curtains, we tend to think about hanging curtains on the windows of a home’s interior. Not all curtains are for interior use though, and it’s not always the inside of the house or other building where curtains and fabrics will be required. In fact, curtains and fabrics are not restricted to home and building applications at all.

Outdoor applications for curtains and fabrics include things like tarps, advertising banners, a material used to divide sections at an outdoor event, posters and a whole host of other applications.

With this in mind, what are the different types of materials used for outdoor curtains, banners and the like?

Let’s answer those questions.

What Will You Need the Fabric For?

Before you can nail down the right type of fabric required for outdoor use, you first need to know exactly what you will need the fabric for. Another thing to consider is whether you need to print anything on that fabric, such as for advertising or branding. If you do, you’ll need to select a fabric or material that can readily be printed on.

Also, is the curtain simply going to be hanging somewhere, or will the material be subjected to use and abuse, such as during a sporting event, or constructing an inflatable playground for children? Fabrics that are simply hanging idle won’t need to be as durable as fabrics that are suffering wear and tear.

Colours Are Another Consideration

Today, no matter what type of material you are needing for outdoor applications, you’ll likely find they come in a number of colours to select from. Some are bright, neon colours which are common for outdoor applications as they produce fantastic visibility and aesthetics, but others are more toned down and neutral.

If you are considering constructing an inflatable playground, for example, you might want to choose strong colours like reds, oranges and blues to make it attractive and look fun. For advertising banners, lighter colours or white might be more practical to make the advertising stand out.

Best Fabric for Outdoor Curtains

You might be needing some outdoor curtains fabric for your event or some other related purpose. So, what’s the best choice for outdoor curtains fabric?

Acrylic materials are one of the most common choices for outdoor curtains, as they look good, are easy to manage and set up, are generally lightweight, come in some great fashion colours and offer very good temporary shading if necessary.

If only a little privacy is required, another option is a mesh fabric, which allows some filtered light through. These are generally made from acrylic too.

Many Outdoor Fabrics Are Made From PVC

PVC is a fantastic material for outdoor use. It’s extremely versatile and can withstand harsh weather conditions, including high winds. The colours of PVC are also very resistant to fading in bright sunlight when used for extended periods, the fabric is often printable for advertising purpose. It’s easy to create all manner of banners and outdoor curtains from PVC cloth.

Another important point to note is that these days, many PVC materials are also fire retardant, so they don’t burn easily or present a fire hazard.

There are loads of different colours and grades of PVC fabrics for outdoor use, so to fully understand which one might suit your requirements best, it’s a wise idea to consult with a supplier and have a discussion about it.

Other popular outdoor fabrics include acrylic, polyester and polyester blends. Many polyester fabrics are used for the making of flags and shade sails. Acrylics are a more lightweight fabric that’s regularly utilised in the making of outdoor curtains designed to offer shade around pools and outdoor furniture.

The Wrap

As materials for outdoor use evolve, they are becoming stronger, more versatile, more colourful and the range is increasing every year. Take the time to determine exactly what you require outdoor fabrics for, then chat with your supplier about the very best materials for your requirements.

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