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Why write a business write for us article?

Guest posting has numerous benefits to anyone who engages in it. It provides you with a chance to offer your ideas to many people. If you are a business person, you have a lot of experiences on how you overcame inevitable setbacks that face a lot of persons. We are providing you with a chance to share these experiences.

Increase your brand exposure

As mentioned above, we get millions of visitors to our website. Once you write for us, your posts will get plenty of visitors, and these visitors will most likely view your profile. It means, therefore, that many people will get to know you as an expert in a specific niche. Once you gain such a vast online presence, people searching for niche experts will find you quickly.

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 Improving SEO ranking

If you have a website that is not acquiring the targeted traffic you require, consider investing in SEO. One way to improve your SEO ranking is using backlinks. We allow you to insert backlinks at the end of your posts. Google algorithms interpret the backlinks to mean that your site is an authority site; hence rank the site high above your competitors.

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Increase social media following

Remember that we allow you to put your social media details at the end of each post. It means that once you educate people, they can easily follow you on social media to consult on specific information. If you write insightful and engaging guest posts, you can be sure that your social media accounts will be robust with many followers.

Article writing guidelines

These guidelines are to help you write better and engaging posts. If you follow them to the letter, we will accept your submissions. Failure to follow them may lead to us rejecting your articles; hence acquaint yourself with these guidelines;

  • Be original and unique in your write-ups. We do not accept published posts as we require fresh content. If you send us plagiarized work, we will flag it and reject it. We check every submission; hence be careful because we can even spot spun articles.
  • It would be best if you wrote articles of lengths above 800 words. We want long articles illustrating what position you take as the author. The article should be subdivided into sub-headings to demonstrate to the reader the article’s flow.
  • It would be best if you use target keywords in your post. Identify target keywords of what people looking for your content are likely to search. Place these keywords naturally in your text and include them in your subheadings.
  • If you copy the content, make sure you reference it. You can include a hyperlink to your work if it does not link to our competitors. Preferably your source should be an authority site, for example, Forbes, Wikipedia, or magazines.

Submission guidelines

You can submit your work in any form as long as it is editable. Note that we reserve the right to edit your work, and we can edit it before publishing it on our site. Also, when you submit it to us, please do not send it to any other website. If you are comfortable with these guidelines, email us your article through;