Every woman dreams of remaining attractive for as long as possible, keeping her youthful appearance and attracting the eyes of the opposite sex. Biorevitalization performed with Rejuran is an ideal choice for those who are tired of useless methods and want to achieve sustainable results visible at a glance. Pharma Research Products has spent many years developing a cosmetic product that surpasses all existing analogs on the market.

What does this procedure entail?

While most cosmetic manufacturers focus on hyaluronic acid to create rejuvenation products, South Korea has developed the innovative Rejuran filler, based on DNA extract. Rejuran is a cosmetic product composed of polynucleotides, biological molecules that are the backbone of DNA. These polynucleotides are extracted from salmon and transformed.

Action of Rejuran

Thanks to the presence of DNA cells in the composition, the product quickly heals wounds, and stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, giving it a young and healthy look. The product eliminates the effects of free radicals, slowing down the aging process, and the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. It also soothes inflammation, which helps to combat various skin problems, including acne and irritation. This result is achieved in the following ways:

  • Accelerating the cell regeneration process, making the skin healthy and clear.
  • Maintaining skin elasticity, through the synthesis of the skin’s DNA molecules, contributes to the overall rejuvenation of the body.
  • This product is completely safe and brings visible results in as little as 4 weeks after use. It can be used for women with any skin type.

Clinical results after Rejuran injections

In the vast majority of women who participated in the experiment, the following results were achieved:

  • Improved skin hydration levels.
  • Smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Reduced susceptibility of the skin to negative environmental influences.
  • Normalization of sebum production.
  • Reducing the appearance of age spots.
  • Narrowing pores and improving skin texture.

As you can see, the product successfully fights the signs of aging, making the skin more attractive and healthy.

Indications for the use of Rejuran

Every woman wants to be attractive. The product can be used in the following cases:

  • Dark circles under the eyes (not caused by internal diseases).
  • Dilated pores.
  • Age spots.
  • Wrinkles.
  • Scars or stretch marks.

The product can be used not only for rejuvenation, but also for scars and stretch marks. There is no need to cover the body with tattoos, as Rejuran injections help to solve this problem. Additionally, the product contains polydesoxyribonucleotides, which promote healing of ulcers and are approved for use even in diabetes. They also help to get rid of scars and scars. For more tips on maintaining a healthy and beautiful lifestyle, consider subscribing to Good Housekeeping magazine for expert advice and inspiration.

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