Smoking hookah is most often considered a group activity enjoyed by groups of friends and even strangers at hookah lounges. While smoking in groups provides a phenomenal hookah experience, don’t assume you shouldn’t smoke alone. People of all ages smoke hookah during personal sessions by themselves, and so should you. Smoking alone opens you to new experiences not offered in group settings. It can be just as exciting as smoking in a group if you know how to spend your time. In this blog, we’ll explore a few reasons why solo hookah smoking sessions are so popular and give you ideas on how to spend your time when smoking alone.

Why You Should Smoke Hookah Solo

Hookah smoking is widely considered an activity best done with good friends,

although smoking alone can be just as fun and exciting. Let’s take a look at some of the many reasons why you should give smoking solo a go.


With work, school, and other tasks, finding time to hang out with friends or at a hookah lounge is not always easy. There is no reason to give up smoking hookah because you are busy. Smoking alone allows you more flexibility to smoke hookah when the time is good for you.

Hookah Selection

Using a large hookah when smoking solo is possible but why waste tobacco when smaller hookahs are available? Use a smaller, one-person hookah instead to get an even more enjoyable smoking experience. Personal hookah pipes are smaller and cheaper than traditional hookahs designed to share group settings. Choosing the design and style of hookah you’ll use is an exciting part of the smoking process.

Enjoy Privacy

We live in a social world where everyone seems to be connected 24/7, sharing every aspect of their lives with friends, family, and total strangers. It seems unnatural when people choose to live privately. If you appreciate your privacy, try smoking solo!

Extra Convenience

Let’s be honest: smoking with friends or groups of people is fun, but it’s a lot of work! Prepping pipes, owls, and tobacco is time-consuming, especially when aiming for perfect preparation. Those concerns aren’t there when smoking aloe, alleviating a lot of pressure while saving massive amounts of time.

Time to Relax and Reflect

If you’re like many people, you never seem to find time for yourself. Life is busy and you’re always on the go, with someone by your side. Smoking hookah solo provides time to reflect on your most burning thoughts.

Things to do While Smoking Hookah Alone

If you envision solo hookah smoking sessions as lame and boring, it’s time to improve your picture. Smoking is what you make it, and when you add a few fun activities, your smoke session is anything but dull. Maybe the following activities can entertain you during solo hookah smoke sessions.

Listen to Music

Music makes every activity a little more exciting, including hookah smoking. Play your favorite music as you smoke and prepare to evolve into another world of joy and pleasure. Whether you blast the speaker or listen on your headphones, make sure music is part of every shisha smoke session.


Meditating while smoking hookah can be a wonderful way to practice mindfulness. Go into meditation with a clear mind and focus. If you are new to meditation, ensure you’ve learned the basics first.

Practice Smoke Tricks

Practicing smoke tricks when in a group of other people can be uncomfortable and stressful. It certainly won’t show your best skills. Smoking alone, however, allows you plenty of free time to practice smoke tricks and learn new ones. The next time the group gets together, you’ll have so much to show off, minus all the potential

embarrassment of practicing when everyone’s around.

Play Video Games

Gamers know smoking hookah morphs them into their favorite characters, expanding the excitement their favorite games provide. Whether you prefer sports games, fighting games, action games, or something else, play while enjoying hookah for an out-of-this-world experience.

Art Work

Hookah is a cultural experience. Why not explore its essence to find out what makes hookah culture so unique and create artwork based on the information? Whether you paint, draw, sculpt, design jewelry, or participate in other types of artwork, smoking hookah can evoke inspiration for many amazing creations.

Learn Something New

There’s always a new piece of information waiting for you to learn. Take this relaxing moment to educate yourself and learn new, interesting facts. Whatever topics pique your interest, you can find information you never knew before.

Read a Book

Indulge your mind in a historical story, a romantic fling, or another book of your choosing while smoking shisha.

Play an Instrument

If you don’t already know how to play an instrument, today is a good time to learn. Playing an instrument alleviates boredom and keeps your mind flowing, your artistic genius alive. Plus, playing an instrument, whether you idolize Slash or

Beethoven, gives you plenty to talk about with friends.

Reflect on Your Thoughts

Writing is an amazing form of art that serves as an amazing emotional release, allowing you to take a load off your mind. Take time to reflect your thoughts into words. Whether life is great or issues seem to plague you left and right, jotting them onto paper is self-therapy at its best, especially when coupled with shisha.

It’s Time to Enjoy Hookah

When you venture into the world of solo hookah smoking, use some of the ideas above to make the session exceptional. More people smoke hookah alone today than ever before because they appreciate its benefits. Why not join the crowd and enjoy hookah every time you can?

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