Video marketing is growing exponentially, especially among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Marketers know that about 74% of the millennial generation find videos more helpful when researching products.

Moreover, promo videos for businesses generate 12 times more shares than images and texts on social media. However, you’ll capture the attention of online consumers if you know where to start and the right content to use.

So, what promotional video ideas should you leverage for your marketing campaign? Here are 7 inspiring ideas.

Introduce Your Staff in a Video

Consumers want to feel like part of your business. They also want to reference the company’s success story when having social conversations. Introducing employees is one of the best promo video ideas for providing this personal touch.

You can let the employees answer general questions raised by the consumers. They can also share their career journey and how they ended up in their current positions. Sharing these details exposes your business to curious consumers.

Promotional Video Ideas That Enhance User Experience

The average consumer loves knew knowledge and tricks. Any useful product tip that enhances the user experience can make a good business promotional video.

You can hire a social media influencer to do the video. This will likely reach a bigger target audience.

Moreover, promotional product videos usually generate more online conversations. As a plus, you’ll get to know what exactly consumers think about your product.

7 Head Turning Promotional Video Ideas for Your Business

Share a Big Milestone

Every business attributes its success to loyal consumers. A promotional video will do better than typical social media posts when sharing big announcements such as newly opened branches.

Also, the announcement will generate a buzz if you know how to make a promotional video that targets the right audience.

Share “A Day in the Life of….”

Not everyday consumers want to watch “know how to” videos. But you still want to keep them engaged as much as possible. Giving your audience an insight into a senior employee’s routine can be intriguing and exciting.

Film the company’s CEO throughout the day and create a short clip from the video. Such a business promotional video will gain many reactions on social media platforms.

Take Your Audience to an Office Tour

Besides knowing your staff, consumers want to peek at the company’s premises. Since nearly all customers prefer online services, not everyone gets a chance to visit your offices physically. Moreover, you wouldn’t hesitate to show how unique and quirky your office is.

Launch a New Product or Service

One of the benefits of promotional videos is they guarantee a wide market reach when launching a new product. Further, video content is more appealing and informative when targeting the millennial generation.

Some of the promo video ideas for launching a new product include discussing the product’s features and reliability.

Send Holiday Greetings

At the end of the year, you want to thank your loyal customers for supporting your business. You can create Christmas-themed video content and share it on social media. Also, you can generate relevant promotional video ideas from any holiday throughout the year.

Whether it’s Father’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, or Easter, your audience wants to receive your regards through a video message.

Creating and Sharing Videos Exposes Your Business to a Wider Audience

Get on the internet and learn how to make a promotional video for your next product launch. You can also try other promotional video ideas shared above and see the reaction of your customers.

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