The living room is called the living room for good reason. A place of entertaining, lounging and relaxing, the living room is needed to accommodate many types of interactions and experiences.

So, honing in on the decor, design and style of the living room is a great way to make it feel more like your own, display important decor or memorabilia, and open up areas for conversation with guests. Here are a series of ideas on what works in some living rooms to give you some tips on what you might want to try on your own.

1. Contrast with Light and Dark

Playing with the color scheme of the living room takes time and tweaking, but once you get it right, the feeling of subtlety it provides is well worth it. Take this living room for instance.

Contrast with Light and Dark

It plays with a couple lighter tones – an off-white sofa, white curtains, pine coffee table and natural fiber recliner, yet contrasts heavily with the dark carpet. This combination creates a stark contrast between the ground and the space for entertaining and lounging.

2. Modern and Simple

Modern design is a favorite design style to embrace. Its timeless, clutter-free, and places high focus on the craftsmanship and design of the furniture, decor and light fixtures one adorns their home with. For example, notice the cone-base floor lamp in the room?

Modern and Simple

The sleek, long coffee table with minimal footing? Or the subtle, but changing color scheme of the rug? All of these factors play into embracing modern design in the living room.

3. Colors and Textures

Texture is often overlooked when considering what type of decor – namely blankets, poufs, and pillows – one should place in the living room. But, the right texture is the gateway to cozyness, easy cleaning, simplicity, or easy storage. Which one feels right for you?

Colors and Textures

If you want cozy, consider fur or thick blankets. Meanwhile, leather or faux leather couches and couch cushions make for easier cleaning. If a fur blanket is too much, simple, one or two color tones blankets can work as accents without taking too much attention, and likely can be folded more easily that warmer, fuller blankets.

4. Traditional Styles

Sometimes it’s fun to infuse tradition in contemporary homes and there are some styles of furniture that are fairly uncommon now.

Traditional Styles

For example, tufted sofas such as the one pictured give off that French Country style while rounded back accent chairs have a sort of elegance you do not see very often.

5. The Coffee Table

While there are many important pieces of furniture in the living room, picking the right coffee table is key to entertaining, lounging, and keeping those items you need close by while in the living room. Some options for a coffee table may be by shape – should you choose a circular, oval, square or rectangle one?

The Coffee Table

Should it have minimal aesthetic, or should it have some extra shelves or drawers for storage? While wooden coffee tables are a classic choice, other textures such as stone, ceramic, or metal don’t require coasters and will brush away having to worry about those pesky water stains.

6. Choosing a Rug

There are a lot of options when it comes to area rugs and it greatly depends on the space. In this living room, a round area rug is used to bring color the room and match some other accents such as throw pillows and wall art.

Choosing a Rug

If you have a lot of dark furniture, a colorful area rug can provide a lot of color to the room (and saves you from having to paint the walls to bring some color in). Rugs can fit just about any style – from bohemian to farmhouse to modern.

7. Incorporate Good Lighting

Lighting fixtures – such as pendant lights or chandeliers – can make a wow statement while also providing useful, functional lighting.

Incorporate Good Lighting

This room, for instance, has a natural, boho vibe to it with its early tones and southwestern-styled rug. Add in the wooden-shaded pendant light, and it pulls everything together.

These ideas have only touched the surface of what can be done in the living room. There are countless styles, types of furniture, decor and lighting to choose from. Hopefully these ideas have given you some new design ideas to start experimenting with.

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