There is no doubt that digital platforms on search and social have led to the creation of a more aware consumer. This is especially true in the field of wellness, skincare, and make-up products.

For a very long time, consumers had been blinded by million-dollar marketing campaigns led by brands that had been using harmful chemicals as ingredients.

However, the emergence of organic and clean beauty and skincare brands and products have slowly started making their presence in markets.

They have started a movement to educate users about the harmful effects of using chemicals on their skin. In this resource article, we look at five of the best clean beauty influencers you can follow on social media right now.

Why Following Clean Beauty Influencers on Social Media is a Good Idea?

Organic skincare brands do not have millions of dollars to blow on publicity, exposure, and brand ambassadors. The costs of creating, sourcing, and responsibly harvesting natural ingredients are expensive.

In such a situation, clean beauty influencers educate users about niche brands and products that are not able to get the word out about the brand. Beauty influencers also discuss the composition of various organic and non-organic products to educate users about what is good and what is bad. This information is critical to help you choose the right brands and products.

Finally, clean beauty influencers also discuss routines and regimens of how one should use organic skincare products and makeup. Knowing about this ensures that you are doing justice to your beautiful skin and experiencing the best results from using the products.

List of 5 Best Clean Beauty Influencers to follow on Social Media

  • Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny @organicbunny-

If there is one clean beauty influencer that is setting the stage on fire in recent years, it is Amanda Jo Organic Bunny. Having been one of the leading names in the industry for a long time, she saw how big brands are manipulating users by using cheap, lab-created ingredients. This forced her to start a movement advocating clean and organic skincare products and brands.

  • Sara Rosie of @sararosie-

Being someone that had worked with the best in New York, Sara Rosie has seen what goes on behind the scenes in labs and factories. She went through an awakening and tried to educate consumers about the harmful toxins and chemicals that we are frequently putting on our skins without much thought or wisdom. She says that skin needs holistic and organic nourishment.

  • Tricia of @NiHaoNewYork-

A mom by day and a full-time clean beauty blogger by night, Tricia is one very common household name in Asian beauty circles. Having the advantage of living a cosmopolitan life in different countries, she brings all her experience to the forte writing informative blogs and review pieces on clean beauty products. Her education on clean beauty products is priceless.

  • Autumn of @AutumnMLove-

Autumn is someone who is a proponent of make-up-free skin. However, she quickly realized that the first thing a make-up-free skin need is clean clear skin. Ever since then, she has been on a journey to find out about the best and most authentic clean beauty and skincare products that can make a real difference to the skin. She says TLC is important than any other thing.

  • Jesica @FeelMoreGooder-

Jesica is not just a clean beauty expert. She has an athletic background and leads a very active and sporting life that includes CrossFit. As someone who had massively struggled from teenage acne, she advocates clean beauty and skincare brands and products. She says that what we put on our skin is equally important and comparable to what we eat and digest.

The Final Word

If you are looking to keep yourself informed and educated about the latest and greatest in the world of organic skincare, please try to follow all these clean beauty influencers. As someone who personally does not have the time to research each brand and product individually, I have always relied on their wisdom and knowledge to help guide me in the direction of the best organic skincare.

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