We all want to maintain a healthy body weight. But sometimes it takes a lot of effort and hard work to attain a slim and fit body. But it’s not always necessary to follow such strict guidelines to burn your extra body fat.

Intermittent fasting or time-restricted feeding is an easy way to not only maintain a healthy slim and fit body but also protect your body from diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, etc., and even at the same time reduce aging. You can achieve all these benefits without maintaining a strict diet plan or doing hours of workouts at a gym.

Instead, all you need to do is maintain a time-restricted diet. It is a simple procedure where you can eat within fixed hours of the day and fast during the fasting hours. You may visit this website to get more information of how promote general gut health.

During the fasting hours, all you can consume is zero-calorie herbal tea, water. You can’t consume any food that contains calories. Although intermittent fasting is done by most people to lose weight, this particular eating pattern not only helps you lose weight but also has multiple other health benefits. These benefits include improved heart health, low blood sugar, burns fat, improves energy levels, prevents overeating. etc.

How intermittent fasting is related to your gut health

One of the key benefits that intermittent fasting can offer is improved gut health. It helps to maintain a balance of your gut flora. Hence protecting against physical syndrome-like better blood sugar, reduce inflammation, insulin control, etc.

According to health experts, a healthy gut is a source for overall good health. Although gut health is the major concern for people with digestive problems like ulcerative colitis or IBS, it should be of higher priority to anyone who wants to stay healthy.

Why is gut health important?

The gut microbiome consists of vast organisms like fungi, bacteria, viruses, protozoans, etc. these organisms weigh up to 2kgs living in your digestive pipes. Your gut contains trillions of bacteria that perform various necessary body functions like protecting your immune system, breaking down toxins, making vitamins (you can read more on HeathCanal)

Many researchers have suggested that gut health is important not only to maintain a healthy body but it affects your mental health too.  Besides what you eat has a direct effect on how your gut microbe works. If you eat foods that are rich in high fats, carbohydrates, and protein, it can affect your gut flora and can prevent your gut bacteria from performing important gut functions. Thus, your food habits directly affect both your gut microbes and metabolic health at the same time.

Two main ways of how intermittent fasting improves your gut health

  • Your body won’t need to digest constantly

When you do intermittent fasting and consume food only within a fixed period and maintain fast during other hours of the day, you give your body rest from constantly performing energy-intensive work like digesting and assimilating food. It as a result helps to improve your gut flora.

  • Let’s you live in synchronization with your body clock

Believe it or not but your gut microbes also have a circadian rhythm just like our internal body clock.  Hence when this circadian clock is disrupted due to eating late at night or jet lag, it can harm your metabolic health.

This is how intermittent fasting can impact your gut microbes and health and thus can give you major health benefits only by going without calories for 12 hours a day.

Tips to consider when you want better gut health through intermittent fasting

Take only two meal a day

Taking two meals a day is the most efficient way of maintaining intermittent fasting as you keep enough time between two meals when your body gets enough time to take rest and avoid unnecessary energy required for constant digestion.

Consume real food

Consuming foods that are healthy and have nutritional values provides multiple health benefits and also helps your gut work efficiently. Whereas, when you eat processed or high-calorie foods it only harms your gut health and also wrecks your fasting efforts. These foods include chocolates, cakes, sweets, etc.

Intermittent fasting is not an easy fix to all your health issues

Although intermittent fasting has a lot of health benefits and can also improve your gut, do not consider it to be a magic fix to all your health issues. Sometimes you need to consult a doctor and take advice from health experts to better understand what your body requires and which way is best for you.

The bottom line

The above article describes how intermittent fasting can not only improve your gut health but can also provide you additional health benefits that you may not get from any other diet plan or physical activities. Intermittent fasting is an easy solution to fix your gut health and maintain an overall healthy body. Besides, you should also remember that only a healthy diet can help you get the best result of intermittent fasting.


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