Most of us ladies love spending time shopping, provided we have the time, money, and energy for it. However, for most of us, something not so fun is purchasing a new bathing suit. If you don’t feel bikini-ready, trying on swimwear can bring out your body worries and get overwhelming quite quickly. 

However, with summer not far away now, it’s wise to start thinking about updating your swimsuit sooner rather than later. You can follow a few tips to make the experience less harrowing and help yourself purchase a product you’re happy to get lots of wear out of in the coming months. 

Understand What You Least Like and Want to Draw Attention Away From

Your first step should be considering if there are particular areas of your body that you don’t feel confident about and would like to draw attention away from with your swimwear choice(s). Most of us have at least one or more parts that we aren’t so in love with and hope to minimize. Different swimsuits will emphasize or gloss over different body parts, so be on the lookout for suitable options.

For instance, pear-shaped women with small busts and waists and wide hips and thighs often find that cutaway-styles work well for their shapes since these products accentuate their small waist and draw attention there rather than to their heavier parts. Many pear shapes also find that it helps to buy separate tops and bottoms so they can obtain the right fit in each half of their body. 

If your least favorite area is your tummy, you could consider a full-piece bathing suit that features ruching to cover up any extra weight you carry there. Plus, try out some swimsuits with plunging necklines, as these help draw the eye up and away from the middle and to another area instead. 

Take Your Bust Size Into Consideration

When you’re wearing swimwear and showing a lot more skin, you need to ensure that you have the right fit in every part and get the support you need. When shopping for new products, always consider your bust size. You want to choose goods that look suitable, are comfortable to wear, don’t require you to keep pulling pieces up or around, and give you the cover you need to avoid wardrobe malfunctions.

Plus, if you want to wear swimsuits while you frolic at the beach, play games on the sand, chase after children, or swim laps, you need adequate support, especially if your breast size is quite large. Those with an ample bosom are advised to avoid string bikinis that aren’t stable enough and instead focus on products with lift and hold via things like underwire, double-stitched bands, and thicker straps. 

Often, you’ll find that it helps to pick a bathing suit with an actual cup size mentioned, such as 12B or 14C, etc., rather than the more generic small, medium, or large sizes. The specificity of the former will give you a much better fit. If you have a petite frame and smaller bust size, you can get away with various bathing suit styles. However, it’s vital to select options that aren’t too loose on top. Plus, keep an eye out for products that will build the illusion of having more up top. For instance, padding and embellishments like bows and ruffles can make a difference.

Look for Expandable Swimwear When Pregnant

If you’re pregnant, it can often be even tougher to shop for bathing suits for women because your body is changing, you may not feel great, and there are other factors to consider. These days there is a lot more choice than they used to be so if you shop carefully you should be able to find something to suit your needs. 

When you try on products, look for goods that aren’t too tight around your midsection so you have more room to expand over the coming weeks or months. A lot of ladies find that a two-piece swimsuit is the best option since they don’t have to worry about stomach size, and it’s much easier to go to the bathroom, which is something that’s typically top of mind when pregnant. 

You’ll want to focus on swimwear that works for you as a breastfeeding mother if you’ve already had your baby, though, or are just about to. Pick a nursing bathing suit that makes it easy and discrete to feed your baby. 

Buying swimwear may not be the easiest task in the world, but it is more achievable when you consider the above factors and give yourself plenty of time to shop and find just the right pieces for your individual needs. 


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