With the growing demand for automatic cars, leading manufacturers around the globe are investing in developing automatic cars and vehicles. The automatic transmission variants of many cars cost a fortune, but they are defiantly worth it from the user’s aspect. With the growth of electric and hybrid vehicles around the globe, leading car manufacturing companies are inclined towards developing automatic transmission cars in their lineup.

The automobile industry revolves around the concept of developing user-friendly and market-compatible car models and their subsequent variants. Be it Toyota Yaris or Toyota Fortuner, it offers much more than a comfortable drive to the users. Apart from the stylish interiors and overall shape of the car body, many users prefer purchasing a compact and road-friendly car, which can be easily driven around the town with narrow streets and expressways.

Automatic cars offer the drivers extensive comfort, as they do not have to change gears every here and there or worry about the clutch braking systems. According to recent research conducted by the transportation authorities, most accidents involve cars having a manual transmission. Most drivers tend to lose control of the vehicle as they look to change gears at every signal or street. While driving automatic cars, one has to use only one foot for pressing the gas or breaking peddle. Continue reading to learn about the ten best automatic used cars that one can buy in 2022.

  1. KIA Picanto

KIA Picanto is an excellent choice if you consider buying a mid-range used automatic car this year. One of the most peculiar features of KIA Picanto is its spacious legroom and body. It offers ample space for four adults to travel long distances. If you are a family of four and searching for the best automatic transmission car, then KIA Picanto is the best pick. With pocket-friendly fuel consumption and mileage, KIA Picanto is the best mid-range automatic car available in the market. The compact shape of KIA Picanto makes box and lane parking convenient for amateur drivers.

  1. Honda Jazz

Honda is a reliable name in the automobile industry as it focuses on producing state-of-the-art cars, offering maximum comfort and luxury to users. Honda Jazz is a hatchback drive, half a size compared to Ford Fiesta, offering great internal space and access to updated features on the dashboard. The petrol-electric engine runs efficiently throughout the journey, without creating hassles or disturbances for the user.

  1. Toyota Yaris

Within a few months, Toyota Yaris has been listed among the top preferences of individuals who prefer driving hybrid and environmentally friendly cars. With a stylish interior and curved shape, Toyota Yaris is available in a range of exciting colors, having looked like a detailed version of sports cars. Toyota Yaris has a spacious interior, offering maximum comfort and ease to all family members. With the hybrid engine, Toyota Yaris runs on a pocket-friendly fuel average.

  1. Suzuki Ignis

Suzuki Ignis is a unique automatic car in itself, having specifications like a mini SUV. If you are short on budget and love driving an SUV-shaped vehicle, Suzuki Ignis would be the perfect pick. With a compact-looking body, Suzuki Ignis has a spacious indoor environment that could get you and your family a comfortable round trip across the town. It’s neither expensive nor has a high fuel average, making it entirely reasonable and pocket friendly to purchase.

  1. Hyundai i10

Hyundai 10 is almost like Honda Jazz which has been in the market lately. If you plan to travel on a long journey, then the Hyundai i10 would be the perfect pick for you, which is also at a reasonable price. The automatic transmission, with robust acceleration, is just perfect for long routes where the driver prefers putting the car in D3 and continuing driving.

  1. BMV 3 Series

The BMV 3 Series is the sixth generation car in the BMW 3 Series. With a stylish sedan look in an elite car, BMV 3 series is the best affordable car that can be bought under a used category. The eight-speed torque converter mechanism boosts the car’s overall pick-up and engine performance. If you are searching for a paddle-shift version, you can find it in the upgraded sportier version of the BMW 3 Series.

  1. Hyundai Ioniq Electric

The Hyundai Ioniq Electric comes in Hybrid and Plug-in hybrid models, offering fantastic engine performance even after years of use. A typical family-style hatchback, offering comfort for 4-5 people. The affordable price range of Hyundai Ioniq Electric makes it among the best automatic used cars for sale. Easy to charge electric battery can provide instant sprint up to 62 miles per hour in almost 10 seconds.

  1. Volkswagen Golf R

If you really love buying compact and high-end cars like Volkswagen Golf R, then you might plan to have a few savings upfront. The low mileage Volkswagen Golf R is a unique and stylish family-size car in itself, which sustain to the international standards, offering the best of available features to the user on a handy budget. Volkswagen Golf R might cost you around £25,000, but it’s certainly a onetime investment, considering its low mileage and average fuel efficiency.

  1. Subaru BRZ

It wouldn’t be wrong to quote that Subaru BRZ is among the finest automatic cars available. The £20,000 is bought by sporting individuals who prefer driving around town in an automatic car. The six-speed auto boxes boost the overall structure and engine of the car. The stylish and one-door Subaru BRZ is best if you live traveling alone.

  1. Mk3 Mazda 3

The Mk3 Mazda 3 is a distinctive automatic hatchback, offering the best of accessories in a decent package. The precisely engineered and assembled engine of the Mk3 Mazda 3 makes it among the best picks for used cars in 2020. It’s easily available and ranges between £10,000 to £12,000. The fully equipped and robust engine offers a luxury drive, with no hassle or misfiring in the engine compartment.

Final Word!

In the fast-paced automotive world, every individual aspires to get the best budget-friendly car on the market. Porsche, Hyundai, BMV, Toyota, or Suzuki should be automatic, backed with automatic power shift options. Automatic cars are quite easy to drive, offering ease and comfort to the driver.


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