William Langton Thorton is a celebrity child of one of the most famous faces of the American movie industry, Billy Bob Thorton. He is a child born in the limelight and camera flashes because of his famous father, who is always followed and papped when out and about in the country.

Billy Bob Thorton has been married six times in total to different women, and William Langton Thorton is from his fourth marriage with Pietra Dawn – the playboy model. William has always been a part of the industry – even when he is not, because of his parent’s involvement, his father as a famous US veteran actor and his mother as a playboy model.


William’s father has made quite some name for himself in the American movie and singing industry over the years as an actor, songwriter, and filmmaker as well. He is now labeled a veteran in the industry because of his age and years of involvement. Billy Bob is famously known all around the globe for his famous work in A Simple Plan, Monster’s Ball, U-Turn, Primary Colors, Single Blade, and many more. At the same time, William’s mother has always been known as a playboy model.

William Langton Thorton is known to have several step-siblings from his father’s other marriages. In comparison, he himself is the second born child of Billy Bob from his fourth wife, playboy model Pietra Dawn. He is the first-born child of Billy Bob and Pietra Dawn. After him, Billy and Pietra have another child named Harry James Thorton, who is only a year younger than William. Other than this, William Langdon has got 2 more step-siblings from his father’s side, named Bella Thorton and Amanda Brumfield. William’s father, Billy Bob, has also been shortly hitched to Angelina Jolie, which lasted for 2 years, after his separation from Pietra Dawn – William’s mother.

Early Life and Childhood

William Langston Thorton is a USA-born, who opened his eyes to the world in the year 1993, June 27. According to his birth date, he is now about to turn 29 in June of 2022. William Langston was brought up by his father and mother, Billy and Pietra and shared a house with them and his biological sibling Harry James Thornton.


We do not have a deep insight into William’s life because of his wishes to privatize and hide his personal life from the cameras. William has not been seen on the screen but has always been known by the world because of his appearances in shows and events along with his father and mother back in the days.

William’s career choices are still unknown to the world because of his private and hidden life. After 5 years of their marriage with Pietra Dawn, William’s father separated and asked for a divorce from Billy Bob over domestic violence allegations. William also has a step-sister Amanda who has been convicted of manslaughter once. Later, the court sentenced Amanda to 20 years in prison in the year 2011.


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