Yuri On Ice is a well-known figure skating anime that is presented by studio MAPPA. The studio, with its release, took every anime lover by surprise in 2016. It ran for a single season that was 12 episode long. Also, it featured a very well-researched and magnificent story that focuses on figure skating.

The major focus of the show stays on the emotional link between Victor Nikiforov and Yuri Katsuki. They grow into individuals and develop a warm romantic relationship through the sport they loved the most. The series was well-received by anime lovers. Audience overwhelmingly loved it and demanded a sequel. Y

uri On Ice became so popular that it won Tokyo Anime Awards in 2017. It also won the Fan Award that is voted by the audience. However, since then the future of the series had been opaque although the management has announced a movie based on the same concept.

The storyline follows Yuri who is an anxious 23 year-old young man. He is a promising skater and is also set to represent Japan in skating. However, he is now struggling to reach his full potential. As he grows old, his window of opportunity will narrow down fast. He now does not have a lot of years to compete on the national level.

Yuri On Ice Season 2 Release Date

The official date for the second season was not announced. However there was an announcement of a movie based on the series. The movie most likely will be named as Yuri!!! On Ice The Movie: Ice Adolescence. The movie is about the early days of the figure skating career of Yuri.

It was all set to release in 2019 however; the release got delayed until further notice because of the production changes. Meanwhile, everyone involved in the management or cast is tightlipped about the story of the movie. There was a teaser trailer that was likely to be released in 2018 but since then it revealed no information. The studio showed interest in the creation of the second season after the completion of the movie.

Yuri On Ice Season 2 Release Date

The series is directed by Sayo Yamamoto and it is written by Mitsuro Kubo. It has received great admiration and love from the lovers of anime series. Because of immense love from the audience, the production had decided to give green light to the second season.

However, Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the productions around the world. This also affected the production and release of Yuri On Ice Season 2. There were rumors that the Yuri On Ice Season 2 was to be released in 2020. However, as 2020 comes to the end, the series will mostly likely be released by the end of 2021.

The Blu-ray version of Yuri On Ice has been revealed so there is some good news for the fans. The makers of the series are in talks about the launch of the second season because they have plenty of material to give us for season 2. They can create the story around a lot of build-ups.

If we put our trust in rumors, the season 2 is already in the production phase. The MAPPA studio is keeping the plot tightly wrapped up to avoid any predictions and creation of spoilers. It is also a fact that that fans are disappointed because of the delays. They have lost interest in Yuri On Ice Season 2 however there is surely something happening behind the curtain. Critics and fans alike believe that the release of Yuri On Ice Season 2 is inevitable.

You can gauge the popularity of Yuri On Ice from the fact that the anime series grabbed the title of being the most tweeted anime series of the season. It collected an approximate 1,440,000 tweets. It won more than a million tweets as compared to its rival Haikyu. The social media website of Sina Weibo recorded about 130,000 posts with the hashtag Yuri on Ice. There were about two billion views of the posts.

Yuri On Ice Season 2 Plot

Yuri On Ice Season 2 is long-awaited by the fans. The plot of the anime series revolves around the story of three-figure skating folks. The first is Yuri Katsuki, the second is Yuri Plisetsky and the third is Victor Nikiforov. When Yuri K loses in Figure Skating Grand Prix, he opts to step down from the profession.

It really surprises him when the boss skater namely Victor Nikiforov manages him. Yuri P and Yuri K subsequently take up a test to attain the mentorship of Victor. As a result, Yuri K wins the mentorship. In the middle of all, Yuri KKK and Victor are drawn toward one another. They built a relationship and get locked in.

As for the specific plot of season 2, there have been little information about the specifics. We can assume that the plot would revolve around Yuri Katsuki. Several fans have many a time speculated that the second season is likely to bring Victor and Yuri face to face in a skating competition. This would most likely complicate their relationship. However, we must keep in mind that all these are just assumptions.

Now that we know a feaure film is likely to be in the development phase, it will also affect the plot of season 2. The expectations of the audience may be drastically affected. Without seeing the movie, no one can guess what will be in the second season.

Yuri On Ice won praise for the inclusion of a same-sex romance between Victor and Yuri K. Critics highlighted the apparent kiss that happened in the seventh episode. There also was an exchange of rings and engagement in the tenth episode. Audience saw tears in Victor’s eyes when Yuri suggested that their relationship should end.

The kiss between the two won 2016 The Anime Awards for Most Heartwarming Scene. They may reignite the spark in the relationship in the next season. Whatever it will be, it is likely to be really interesting.

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