Victoria is one of the most popular shows across the world. After the third season, the news and rumors had died down. However, since the show is back again in news as a hot topic of discussion because the talks about the fourth season have once again started circulating through the fan circles.

After the release of three consecutive and thriving seasons, the viewers were indeed waiting for the release of Victoria Season 4. They wanted it as soon as possible. Now the show is making significant progress in the right direction to meet the demands of fans. The three seasons were really promising regarding the fans. Their eagerness is pushing up higher than ever.

The plot of Victoria

It is apparent from the name that Victoria belongs to the British age. The plot is packed up with historical knowledge about the Great Britain. It was first telecasted in 2016 on UK’s ITV. Later on, it was released in the United States. The great and famous Daisy Goodwin is creating this brilliantly spectacular show.

The show tends to revolve around the life of Queen Victoria. It covers just a slight portion of her life, that too in a smooth manner. The beginning of the first season of the show demonstrated the crowning of Victoria as the queen of Great Britain. The season moved on to portray her affection and the element of attraction in her personality towards Lord Melbourne. He was the then prime minister. This happens while she is married to German prince Albert.

The release date of Victoria Season 4

The second season of Victoria revolved around her handling of rules, duties, and regulations for the United Kingdom and Germany while she was married to the prince. The show exhibits the 1840s’ famine in Ireland. It also encompasses what happened during the notorious Anglo-Afghan War. The creators have shown very effectively the decisions she made and the level of guidance she issued forth to the ministries and forces. They portrayed her decisions very smoothly and clearly.

The third season of Victoria highlighted her children. They were shown young and very prosperous. The season touched their lives as they entered their thirties. There are a number of sub-events that are illustrated in it, which open up the conflicts and inner issues of different royal families such as The Great Exhibition of 1851. The attempts of Albert to make his son a king and the comeback of princess Feodora were also included in the season.

The release date of Victoria Season 4

The critics and fans have acclaimed the show because of the perfection and the precise portrayal of the story of Queen Victoria. The fans believe that the creators of the show have done their best to display the true events. As a result, the show won a nomination in 2017 for Prime Time Emmy Awards.

It has already been declared that the show has been renewed for the fourth season after the incredible ending of the third season in 2019. The news of the release of Victoria Season 4 has also been confirmed by the author of the show. She said that she was working on the fourth season. Also, she did not reveal anything about the upcoming deaths of any major character in the next season.

The fans were disappointed when Jenna Coleman, the show star, said that the show has ended. She said that before she joined the Graham Norton’s show. However, Daisy has reassured the fans that the next season may be in the offing.

What still perturbs the fans is the fact that there has been no official announcement about the release of the fourth season. Also, we do not know about the possible story that will be displayed in the next season. There is a fair chance that the production of Victoria Season 4 has been affected by the ongoing wave of Covid-19. Hence, the fans only hope that there may be a release in 2021 or 2022 when the world pulls itself out of this pandemic or learns to deal with it.

Cast and Characters

As the title of the show suggests that the protagonist of the show is Queen Victoria herself, the story revolves around the same character. Jenna Coleman is playing the role in a fine and compact manner. Tom Hughes is also a major character as he plays the role of her husband and the prince of Germany. There are many other major characters in the show who play a very crucial role in the series. On top of the list is Mr. Penge. Adrian Schiller is signed to play the role.

Nell Hudson got another major role of Lord Alfred Paget. There are two other major characters who get plenty of screen time. The characters are Lady Emma Portman and Francatelli. They are played by Anna Wilson Jones and Ferdinand Kingsley respectively.

All these actors play the roles magnificently. They exhibit great acting skills. They have displayed great acting skills in the previous seasons as well. They are likely to win great applause from the fans across the world especially in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The Victoria Season 4 may end the journey of a few characters. However, Jenna Coleman did not reveal anything about the death of any character. She said that she might quit after this season. She said in an interview that she has exceptional respect for queen Victoria.

She said she is a great admirer of Queen Victoria. She shared her concerns about playing the role of an aged Victoria as just the preparation may take hours before each scene. Hence the role of the queen may be awarded to another actress for the next seasons.

Some fans think about how distant it is fact from fiction in Victoria. The creator has masterly blended up fact and fiction in the show to make it more appealing and educative for the fans. The show navigates you through the historical incidents and allows you to live through them.

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