Horror movies are equivalent to entertaining the audience other than movies of different genres like comedy, action, suspense, thriller, and drama. There are many movies like Child’s play series based on Chucky’s character who with his horrific killings raised screams. There are many other movies like It featuring Pennywise the dancing clown, What you did last summer, Annabelle, and so on. Joining the brigade of these horror movies is ‘The Conjuring’.

Although, most of the time we see that a movie is based on a fictional character or a place, but mind you, the story of this latter haunted movie is not fictional at all. The movie is inspired by the real farmhouse of a similar name, from a very old century. The movie was inspired by a real incident on the death of children long before. 

Ed and Lorraine Warren

Real Haunting Past Of The Conjuring Farmhouse

So now you cannot say the movie is just like any horror story based on any fictional script. The notorious scary house did have a haunting past of the death of minors. And this is from where the makers of The Conjuring movie took an idea to make a film on it. Now, this haunted farmhouse is owned by two brave couples in the last year.

Even though it has been centuries since the haunted activity of children’s death in this farmhouse, the couple has been familiar with the paranormal activities in his house, which has made it a haunted farmhouse. 

Just as you see the two investigators of paranormal activities in ‘The Conjuring’ movie, similarly, the new couple Cory and Jennifer are also experts in paranormal investigation. So they know how to deal with spooky incidents revolving in the house. And believe it, the couple has witnessed unexpected tapping of footsteps, knocking, and door opening.

Cory has even stated that he has found it very difficult living in the farmhouse at some point in time. He even added that he has not felt any bad, but he does accept the paranormal incidents prevalent in the haunted house. And it is indeed true as it has a scary past of people who stayed here long before and have died an unnatural death, either by hanging, or being murdered, and drowning.

What Led To Popularity Of The Conjuring House

The follow up of The Conjuring movie is inspired by the farmhouse sharing the same name. And the Perron family living in this haunted abode is the true evidence. The family of two couples with their daughters started living in the Conjuring house many years ago. Soon they started experiencing some weird activities in the house.

Carolyn who came with her husband with her five daughters had encountered unusual incidents taking place in the house. She witnessed the broom movement from one place to another. And also, there was a minor heap of dirt present in the middle of the washed surface of the kitchen floor. Even her daughters have also experienced paranormal sights, although they did not harm them in the beginning. 

Paranormal Incidents

Apart from all these incidents, an unpleasant smell of rotten meat was being felt by the members of the Perron family. Adding on more to the horrific experience, all the furniture was used to create crumbling sounds and vibrations that would instill fearful and haunted effects in the house. These events started happening more often and all the family members were constantly frightened and they were in an excruciating dilemma. 

Roger often had chilling experiences around the basement. The sudden drop in temperature was a clear sign that something supernatural element was present. The family always tried to keep themselves aloof from the underneath room filled with dirt, but the mechanisms used for heating often stopped working, prompting Roger to come down.

The Angry Spirit In The Conjuring House

Now there is another horrific angle that will chill your spine. And she is not a fictional spirit that you see mostly in horror movies. The character of Bathsheba in the top-notch horror flick, The Conjuring was the angry woman in real life also, similar to what is portrayed in the movie. The eldest daughter of the Perron family has shared her views regarding the Bathsheba. According to her, she seems to be the main house member. 

Watching The Blood Flow

There are other spookier experiences other than those mentioned above. It was found that things were introduced into the rooms with no exact explanation, and were broken into walls. Besides this, there were unusual ways of slamming the doors and breaking glasses. Mrs. Carolyn can remember the incident when at night she was in her room, suffering unbearable leg pain. To her surprise, she saw blood flowing from a wound that seemed open and was not too big. 

Another Fact About Bathsheba, Who Practiced Witchcraft

I have mentioned the angry spirit, Bathsheba in the above, about her presence in the house. But there is one more haunted fact about her. And it is the practice of witchcraft conducted by her in the Conjuring house. Many centuries ago, she is known to have been the owner of the property before Perrons. According to some beliefs, Bathsheba was involved in a black magic practice that caused the death of a newborn. Many say that she ended the life of an infant as per her techniques of evil practice. But she never faced any punishment for her inhuman crime. She got buried nearby the Conjuring house after her death. 

Emergence Of The Conjuring Paranormal Investigators

Then comes the entry of Warrens, the paranormal experts, to begin their investigation regarding the unusual activities prevailing in the haunted house. Both Lorraine and Ed aim to free the family from the clutches of residing evil spirits. Before investigating the Conjuring house, Warrens had previously solved so many cases related to unnatural activities. To help the Perron family, the Warren couple now has one major objective, which is talking to spirits who have caused fear and torture to the family.

Now, if you watched this superhit horror flick, then you must be familiar with the scenes where Carolyn gets gripped by the ghost. She behaves abnormally and weird things start happening to her. Her elder daughter views all that she sees and would reveal all about it later. She witnessed the whole scary incident seeing her mother suffer from the ghost in her.

After much struggle, her mother finally gets released from the evil spirit, and Warrens are told to leave by her husband. After that Perron’s family lived with peace as there were no further disturbances from the evil ghosts.

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