Horror movies might be a favourite genre for some people who even though get chills, still enjoy it. But have you ever experienced a house, decorated with human body parts? I bet you will vomit if you see it or faint away if being too sensitive. If you have watched The Conjuring, then you must have read about its real story of the farmhouse sharing the same name. You need to understand that not all horror movies are fictional, some of them are inspired by true events. 

Well, today, I am not going to reveal any of the topics related to horror movies. It is about a house that too seems to be a vampire abode, where decorations are being made with the human body instead of any crystals or other beautiful things. So if you are strong enough by heart, then better explore the story of the house of Ed Gein. It will make you believe how a human being can overshadow a fearsome wolf. 

Ed Gein

Ed Gein’s Criminal Past

Ed Gein is no lesser than a horrific vampire, who mercilessly butchered humans that came in his contact. The person whom I am discussing is a serial killer. When he was arrested by American police, what shocked them was the unusual or terrifying inside look of his house. Even though it all happened around the 1950s decade, heinous crimes committed by Ed Gein will surely make an impact on crime in the coming years. 

If you ever come across Ed Gein crime scene photos, then your heart must be strong enough to tolerate the barbaric sights in his house. It is said that Gein did not have any affection for his deceased mother. A novel called Psycho was penned down by a noted writer when he got influenced by it. And later on, there was also a film based on it. 

The serial killer massacred humans including chopping of parts, cutting, using jars for storing organs of the ones killed by Ed, and making horrific creativity out of human skulls, for things. If you love watching horror movies, then you must have observed the representations of the scenes based on this inhuman crime. The more romantic movies are influenced by someone’s love story, the more novels, and movies are made from the influence of crime committed by serial killers like Ed. 

Ed Gein Had Mental Issues

When the American judicial officials discovered the house of human body parts, it gave them a clue regarding the mental status of Ed. He was not at all a peace with himself in life. The unpleasantness which officials saw made them curious to know the reason behind these killings. And it was only possible if they knew the complete story of Ed.

However, most of the serial killers always had a dark past that prompts them to enter into the world of crime. All these criminals have been subject to abuse and humiliation from their childhood. No one aims to become a criminal, it is the adverse situations that lead a person to the wrong path.

If you want to know what made Ed stepped into the world of crime, then you have to sneak into his past. As mentioned above, most of the serial killers had faced abusive treatment from their close ones, Ed was also that example. His autocratic religious mother is the one, to begin with. 

Facing Mother’s Despotic Behavior

Ed was not lucky among those children who got love, affection, and pampering from their parents. Destiny did not store happiness in his life ever since he was a child. His mother and father did not share good vibes, and this affected Ed the most. His father used to drink a lot and did not pay much attention to his son. So he was naturally looked upon by his mother. 

His mother was a religious maniac. Ed was younger than Henry, his elder sibling. A mother is known to be the epitome of love and caring. She cannot see her children suffer from even the slightest of pain. But unfortunately, this was not applicable for Ed and his brother. It is because she never treated her children well, and never showered them with love. Rather, she insulted them daily.

Father being an alcoholic, was least bothered for the upbringing of Ed and his brother. In that way, his mother became a monarch of the house. She used to tell both of her sons about sexual pleasure, misdeeds, etc. And as usual Ed’s father used to doze off. Ed had always been dominating in his behavior and was not open to usual urges. 

The kind of depressing life he was leading was all because of his parents (an alcoholic father and dominating mother). He would have continued to suffer the same, until the demise of his parents. And that too came, when his alcoholic father passed away. By then, Ed was a grown-up man in the 30s age group. 

Death Of Elder Brother And Mother

After his father’s death, there was another shocking incident waiting in Ed’s life. And this time, it came in the form of his elder brother’s death during a massive blaze on the farm. After that, Ed kept living with his mother and obeying her orders. 

Rise Of Ed Gein As Psychotic Serial Killer

The companionship with his mother also did not last long. It ended with her death. And then it was the dawn of Ed’s criminal journey who later became the most horrible psychotic and barbaric killers in the history of crime. He joined the brigade of America’s cruelest serial killers. He developed an unusual curiosity about human anatomy and began his barbaric killings. Executing his curiosity of human anatomy, Ed did all that is beyond the imagination of a normal human being. He used to chop off body parts of humans, had sexual intercourse with the dead, and made things out of human skins like masks. The more spine chilling and inhuman act he did was making the best use of the nipples of the human chest for making a belt.


Every misdeed meets with a painful end. After exploring his inhuman activities, Ed was finally arrested. There were trials where in between he was admitted to hospital after he was found to be insane. After some years his health started worsening, and after some years, the psychic killer lost the battle to cancer and died.

The Story Behind ‘The Conjuring’ Famed Haunted House

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