If you think animals are the only creatures who follow the principle of killing for a living, then you need to think again. Have you been familiar with cannibalism? If not, then let me tell you that this term is mentioned for those humans who for their hunger, can eat anything raw, be it animals or humans. Tarrare is one such big example to mention. This man could eat up anything alive to extinguish his hunger. It is said that he could eat a live feline. The worst to believe is he even got down to the gutter and picked a handful of debris to put down in his big belly.

Tarrare and his Appetite

And it will be hard to believe that this person had served in the French army as a soldier. And we all are very well aware of their slim and solid physique. But Tarrare never bothered about his personality. Such was the situation that the French army even increased his ration four times. But that also proved inadequate to end Tarrare’s cravings.

The food that could be of use for other people was all devoured by this crazy man. If you think that was enough for Tarrare, then you are wrong. He had a strange appetite that would never let his hunger come to a full stop. There was no stopping for him. He would keep on gulping anything that came in his way, even if it is a waste or leftover of other people.

Tarrare and His Insatiable Hunger

Despite eating so much, Tarrare still seems as if he would not live if not given ample amounts of food. Despite eating in copious amounts, he often felt a loss of energy and indicated signs of undernourishment. Some comrades in the French army did not like Tarrare’s weird personality. They always wanted to make a far distance from him.

Tarrare had a strange way of causing trouble. He used to destroy the rations of French comrades intentionally. He had a very pathetic body odor that made his colleagues resist to sit beside him. In other words, one can say that Tarrare became a despicable figure for them.  However, amid so much hatred for him by his fellow army comrades, there were two surgeons in the French Army, who had sympathy. They were curious to know about his strange and unique personality of gulping so much food, and yet there was no end to his cravings.

More Bizarre Facts About Tarrare

Tarrare’s unusual cravings for eating never came to an end. It remained all through his life. His appetite became too demanding. At the time when Tarrare was too young, he was thrown away from the house by his mother and father, who failed to meet the requirement for his unstoppable hunger. So now you know that problem with Tarrare was not new for his fellow french comrades, but for his parents also.

Getting dejected by his parents did not stop Tarrare to move ahead in life. He became a traveling showman and got involved in the company of whores and burglars. Tarrare became used to traveling along with them in France, and staging the acts, and taking money from the audience. Because of his strange appearance, Tarrare became the center of attraction for his uncontrollable appetite for eating anything.

Tarrare had no charming personality and was ugly. But his disfigured jaw made him special. Tarrare was no lesser than a chipmunk in the manner that he could open his mouth wider and would store multiple fruits into his mouth and cheeks. Believe it or not, Tarrare could take down pebbles and ate the raw flesh of an animal even when it was alive. And he did all to surprise the crowd.

According to facts, Tarrare could devour species alive. He used to gulp down their blood, devouring them, leaving only bones. Besides eating animals alive, it is said that Tarrare even took down an eel even without killing it. He became a showstopper showman who would do anything weird beyond the imagination of the general public.

Fear Of Tarrare

Such was the fear of Tarrare that no felines and canines could stay longer, where this bellied showman was present. There was no need to shoe them away. The devouring personality of Tarrare was enough for it. All this was cleared by a surgeon who took interest in his case. If one needed to bring down the rising population of dogs, then Tarrare was the best solution for it. There would have been no need for any dog catcher squad.

Tarrare: An Interesting Figure For Surgeons

No matter, Tarrare was indeed a hated sight among his comrades who cannot tolerate him for his unusual behavior and massive appetite. But he became a fascinating subject among the surgeons. And it was all because of his unending hunger. According to surgeons, at the time when Tarrare had food, his belly would blow up. But when he went to the washroom and released whatever he had stored in his stomach leave a big mess. When he had nothing to eat his chubby cheeks got changed resembling the ears of an elephant.

Becoming A Cannibal

Till now, you have been reading about Tarrare’s unusual appetite and how he ate the dogs and cats alive. But if you think he was limited to only this, then get prepared to know about his cannibalism. Efforts were being made by Tarrare to control his unusual appetite, but nothing worked. And so there was no limit left for this person who later became a cannibal drinking blood, which was no longer for the use of hospital patients. Apart from this, he also became a human flesh eater from the morgue.

Stinking Death

Tarrare had his share of fame of being a showman in doing the unexpected. He ate live animals and devoured upon human flesh and blood. At last, Tarrare passed away when his lungs stopped working due to a contagious infection. The foul smell he always carried in his lifetime doubled at the time of his death. The doctors had to face hard times breathing through toxic smell which was poured in every part of the room.

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