One of the most beautiful creatures made by God are humans. They have been gifted with special features to walk, speak, feel emotional, to think, and so on. But God never imagined that the creature he made to spread brotherhood and love, would put animals to shame. Animals follow the law of the jungle, which is killing for a living.

However, we can justify the jungle law that applies to animals and birds. But if the same practice is followed by humans, then it becomes difficult to judge between an animal and a human. Pazuzu Algarad is one such gruesome example of the human race.

Pazuzu Algarad and his killer fiances

Call him a satanist or a serial tattooed psychopath, who killed animals for sacrifice and dug its tooth on points, and hardly took a bath. He even killed his fiancés’ who helped him in the killings. If there is any tiff between you and your neighbor on some issue, feel the grace of God that Pazuzu Algarand had never been your neighbor, or else, you wouldn’t have seen the beautiful life again.

Pazuzu had always considered himself a Satanist. He had been busy spending his days doing sacrifices of animals, consuming blood, and indulging in unstoppable sex in the house. His arrest came as an end to his demonic activities. Pazuzu was held for murdering people.

Know More About Pazuzu Algarad

There is not much information available on this psychopath killer’s beginning life. According to some facts, Pazuzu’s actual name was John Lawson. He was born in California on 12th August. A special documentary show was also aired on the life of Pazuzu. The director and producer of this show said that it was not easy to know about his childhood, as he framed it again and again.

The director of The Devil You Know even stated about Pazuzu claiming to be an Iraqi resident and his father was a priest of high rank. However, he mostly seems strange and a bit emotional. These were some of the indications that revealed his mental health. His behavior was strange as well as violent because he was not having any feeling of remorse in taking the lives of innocent animals. Besides this, he was highly drunk, and a drug addict from a very young age.

Mother’s Revelation About Her Son’s Mental Health

From the very beginning of the article, it has been cleared that Pazuzu was not having a healthy state of mind, and was a gruesome psychopath who killed animals, indulged in drugs, alcohol, and sex. There were some revelations from his mother regarding the mental health of Pazuzu. According to her, he suffered from mental ailments like schizophrenia from a very early stage. His condition was of a fearful child who had the anxiety to get mixed with people. It won’t be wrong to say that he always lived in a panic. The sad part is when he needed the help of a psychiatrist, his mother failed to meet the expenses for his treatment. And as a result, the mental health of Pazuzu worsened. And this led him to become a psychopath later.

The documentary show based on the life of Pazuzu Algarad showed an interview with his mother. She said what seems unbelievable to accept. According to her Pazuzu indeed did not seem like an angel at all, but he was neither too bad. But people made him as an example of a horrific creature to scare them to make them behave in good manners. The name which he is known was inspired by a demonic character from a horror flick, Exorcist.

Pazuzu Algarad and His Distance From Society

When he became Pazuzu Algarad from his real name, he distanced himself from society. He even tattooed his face and had a pointed tooth. Pazuzu often updated people about his animal killing intending for sacrifice. Besides this, he claimed to have power in monitoring climate. A psychiatrist had even mentioned Pazuzu’s hygiene. According to him, Pazuzu never followed clean hygienic conditions. He never had a bath for a long time and didn’t even brush his teeth regularly. Such overlooking towards health proved costly for him when he became vulnerable to illness and infection. Pazuzu had developed a big hatred for the people of Clemmons, who practiced Christianity.

He was much akin to American criminal Charles Manson. Pazuzu even dragged people who were outcast from society and encouraged them to practice debauchery. A friend of his told an interesting fact about how Pazuzu possessed a unique quality that was completely not acceptable to the people. But people who did not get respect from society following him. Even though Pazuzu was not a good character, he charmed women with his good looks. Two of them were his fiancés’ who made a regular visit to his house.

Unpleasant Sights In House

The house of a psychopath would be a house of terror. Pazuzu welcomed people who departed from society. He would allow them to do what they wished for. Pazuzu never abstained them from doing anything. His house was filled with unpleasant sightings that included harming oneself, killing birds and animals, and drinking their blood, involving drugs and non-stop sexual activities.

After knowing what happened in Puzuzu’s house, one can imagine the condition of his walls which were colored with the blood of sacrificed animals and birds. Also, the carcass of them laid as it is. In one word, it was a complete garbage house. Pazuzu’s house had no lights and was filled with darkness and unpleasant things. The property had messages of anti-messages all over it.

Backyard Horror

Ten years back in October, the dark world of Pazuzu came to an end when he was held for killings. A dead body of a person was found in the same year in September. Pazuzu was also charged for not letting the investigators in knowing about the information. And giving a place to a person who was suspected of murder to hide in his house. Pazuzu was arrested along with the girl after two skeletons were found behind his house backyard. 


As it says, the person’s wrongdoing meets the same end. The psychopath Puzuzu committed suicide by using an unknown weapon. He was bleeding profusely after a severe injury on one of his arms.

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