Animals have been a prominent part of human life for centuries. Some big examples are horses, elephants, and camels. The monarch and his army men always used to travel on their backs whenever they head for a war against another kingdom. Those who think they are just four-legged species having no sense and emotions, then they need to update their mindset. 

Animals might not speak, but they are gifted with senses and can see what we cannot. Just take the example of dogs and cats. Apart from being cuddly and cute, these furry animals can sense danger which is not possible for humans. But other than that, they can also judge the person’s mood. They all know the language of love and respond in their unique way like wagging their tail and licking your face with their tongue, and even hugging you.


Weird Animals as Pet Choice

Although every animal is special in its way, when it comes to pets, then dogs and cats rule the most. You just cannot resist their oodles of cuteness and the way they behave. It is a well-known fact that dogs are known for their loyalty towards their masters. They love them more than they love themselves. Even if you scold them they would not break the bondage with you and will come back soon when called with love and saying sorry.

Dogs like Labradors and German Shepherds are much preferred by police for sniffing the bomb and anything that seems unnatural to them. Both dogs and cats have the sixth sense to sense the paranormal presence in the house. And they express it by barking or acting abnormally.  

They hold the maximum choice for pets than other animals and are best buddies for hangouts. But what if I say that some other species can make you move out from the confined choices of these usual furry friends? No, I don’t mean to disregard them, but what is harm in referring to other animals. If you want to experience a new unusual companionship, then below are some examples of weird animals that people own as pets.


We all have rodents as uninvited members loitering around here and there in houses. Even though they are small in size, they cause much havoc in eating the foods that they seem nearby to the kitchen or other places. When fed up with their nuisance, we capture them in the trap by hanging a piece of food and release them in a far-sighted place. But how about capturing a large rodent? Yes, you heard it right there is a larger version of rodents, and it is the capybara. 

The house rodents may seem irritating for you, but the same is not the case with these cute looking large rodents. You can own them as pets. And believe it, they can be a better companion or a friend for your single child. You won’t find any need to shoo them away like you usually do when you see a rodent running around your kitchen slab or other places. 

But there is one fact about capybaras that you should know while opting them as pets. These large rodents are very serious about their territory and won’t allow any unwanted entrance, or else, you will get the taste of their bite. Another very important fact about capybaras is that they prefer enjoying a large pool of water. So it is an indication that a water facility is a must for them. Also, space should be wide and open. 


Another weird animal that would prompt you to keep it as a pet, is the otter. No doubt, his cuteness will steal your heart and you won’t be able to resist the company of it. If you own an otter, then there won’t be any place left, where this cutie won’t roam around. These animals are very playful, but can also be destructive as they can paw upon anything nearer to them. So better keep your necessary things away or hidden from it. 

You can enjoy every bit of funny moments with this animal, on the camera. But better be equipped with a heavy budget, because you might have to pay a hefty price to buy otters as pets. From a legal point of view, owning an otter can be problematic in comparison to a skunk. However, it is not impossible. A very important thing to keep in mind is having a pool of water. Because, just like capybaras, otters are also fond of water and love spending their quality time in it. And to keep them alive, you need to feed them with fish. 

Bearded Dragons

Now, this is a weird choice to have as a pet. We often get an eerie feeling when we see reptile-like snakes and lizards. And it is evident when we see a house lizard crawling on the walls of a room, and we tend to shoo them away to get rid of its presence. Well, it is the mindset that makes us feel uneasy about these reptiles. The main reason why lizards venture into houses is to devour their prey including mosquitoes, and other insects. It’s fine if you don’t like their appearance, but the creature which I am going to mention in the reptile category will surely attract you, and will prompt you to keep it as a pet. It is a bearded dragon. 

Well, it is not a dragon, but a kind of lizard that captivates attention due to its standout beard look features. This reptile belongs to Australia and is very cool and friendly. Believe it, your children would love to have it as a playing companion, as it does not pose any risk for them. The best thing which makes a bearded dragon ideal for a pet is no complexities in taking care of it. This beautiful lizard is the best choice for a new addition to your family. 

Why Is It Called a Bearded Dragon?

Now, there must be a curiosity as to why this reptile is called a  bearded dragon. Well, it is all because of its beard that is around its neck. And it is being used by the reptile to show a warning when it senses a threat. Another way of flaunting it is to show its authority.

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