Limitless season 2 is one of the television series being awaited by the viewers for a very long time. Limitless season 2 is based on the movie of the same name that was released back in 2011. The Limitless movie was one of the many movies that use the popular myth that human beings only use ten percent of their brains, and borderline magical abilities can be unlocked if the mind is used to the fullest. The first season ended at an exciting point that makes season 2 more interesting. Season 1 of the show was broadcast on CBS channels in the United States. People have given tremendous love to this show and are eagerly waiting for the second season.

Limitless Season 2

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Limitless season 2: Release Date

Limitless season 1 got an excellent opening because it managed to create the right buzz among the audience. But with time, the show failed to impress them, and therefore its viewership went down. It was also surrounded by legal controversies that made the matter worse. The show is based on a drug that increases the mental power of the human mind. It lent a wrong message to the youngsters that are increasingly using drugs in the USA. 

Due to the controversy, many viewers demanded the producers to shift the storyline of the next season from the NZT drug to something else. But there is no official information about this change. The streaming platform for the series, CBS, was unwilling to renew the series for another season, so the makers are trying to shift the show to online streaming platforms like Amazon Prime or Netflix. But it is still not confirmed whether any streaming platform will accept it or not.

With the lack of official information, fans will need to wait for a confirmation from the makers and producers regarding season 2 of Limitless.

Limitless Season 2: Cast

The cast of the show Limitless Season 2 will possibly comprise:

  • Jake McDorman playing Brian Finch, the main character in the show
  • Jennifer Carpenter playing Rebecca Harris, an FBI Special Agent
  • Hill Harper playing Spelman Boyle, FBI Special Agent
  • Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio playing Nasreen “Naz” Pouran, the FBI Special Agent in Charge of Iranian origin, and commander at the Cross-Jurisdictional Command (CJC) 

Along with this, many other characters that hold a great grip on the show will be reprising their roles in the new season. The complete cast has not been revealed, but soon all the names will be out. 


Limitless Season 2: Plot

The plot and storyline of Limitless Season 2 are based on the mind-blowing yet unimaginative idea of a person unleashing the power of their mind. The plot of the story goes and works in the most imaginative direction. The main crux of the story is the creative story that revolves around the same. The story involves Finch, which happens to solve the crime. Morra has also concluded his presidential candidacy, which was a significant sub-plot.

As per the sources, season 2 will not involve the use of NZT because the makers are trying to get rid of the drug part to stay away from controversies. The disappearance will affect the roles of Finch and Morra. The sequel of the show would revolve around the hardships of solving cases without the help of the drug. In season 1, we saw that Edward Morra ran for senate, so most probably in season 2, we can see issues surrounding the political circle.

Without the drug, Finch will stride towards Rebecca and Boyle to solve the cases further, and this simply means that they will get more screen time. But the fans can expect some very thrilling storyline with their favorite stars.


The story of the Limitless series is based on the famous movie of the same name – Limitless. It is a thriller show about how Brian Finch can unleash a limitless power to boost the brain with the Mysterious drug, NZT. The ability was forced to put in use by the FBI to solve the challenging cases for them. But Brian has maintained a secret relationship with Senator Edward Morra about which the FBI is completely unaware of. 

The FBI pushes Brian to use 100% of his brainpower to use him as an efficient resource to solve the cases. The FBI finds that his brain can alone solve all those cases which the whole unit of FBI cannot. Brian becomes highly useful to the FBI and proves to be the greatest asset possessed by the FBI.

Limitless Season 1: Reception

Limitless season 1 gained mixed reviews from the critics. It got 57% approval ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. On Metacritic, the series received an average score. When the question was raised over a sequel to the series, CBS straightforwardly denied and dropped the show’s sequel. 

Why are other starting platforms hesitating to release the sequel of Limitless?

The Limitless series is already surrounded by various controversies, and these have restricted streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime from releasing its sequel. Initially, both of them aimed at releasing the new season when the previous season received great reviews. 

But gradually, the viewership recorded a decline, and controversies started gathering around the show due to drug use. This forced both the streaming platforms to take a step back.

Both platforms are in confusion for the next season, and nothing is confirmed by the officials of the show and online streaming platforms. 

There is no formal announcement over the renewal of the television series, Limitless. But several reports have claimed that a Limitless sequel is underway. They say even a new storyline has been finalized for Season 2. The fans are excitedly waiting for the sequel, and they are determined to convince the makers for season 2.

It’s still not sure where Limitless Season 2 will release. Until confirmation, we can only wait for news. However, as per sources, a new concept has been finalized, which means that a sequel will be around the corner. We will update you with any development over Limitless season 2 that comes on the way. 

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