Sword Art Online Season 4 is based on the Japanese Light novel series. It was written by Reiki Kawahara and illustrated by ABEC. This show has been shown on Air as Anime, and till now, three seasons have been released. The Anime series has been genuinely loved by people all around the world. ASCII Media Works has published the Sword Art Online. This comes under the label of Dengeki Bunko.  The best part about this series is that it has been adopted by many video games, as well. This is also a reason why people fell in love with the Sword Art television series. 

After season 3, the fans have been eagerly waiting for season 4 to return. This is despite the hard reality that season 3 premiered only after four years. 

Sword Art Online Season 4

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Sword Art Online Season 4: Release Date

The release date of Sword Art Online season 4 has not been officially announced yet, but it is said that it won’t be premiered before 2024. The series’ next act can be known as Unital Ring. The next release date cannot be decided now, as the final parts of the novel are still in writing. The writer – Reiki Kawahara, can just deliver up to 2 parts in one year. This is why the final dates are not out yet. Even if we assume that this season will also have ten volumes, the series won’t be completed until 2023. 

Sword Art Season 1 went on Air in 2012, Season 2 in the year 2014, and season 3 in 2018-2020. Now, season 4 of this television series is sure to come. But it would be delayed because of the Coronavirus pandemic that took a toll on works around the world. The entire entertainment industry is shattered with an unrepeatable financial loss. The makers have conceived a storyline for season 4 but writing the entire content will take time. 

The announcement of the release date for Sword Art Online Season 4 entirely depends on when Reiki Kawahara completes writing the light novels. 

There is hope for the fans that the Season 4 of the series can also be released as another split season, just like Sword Art: Alicization, with three separate parts. This would also mean that the fans would get mini-seasons for the show every 12 to 18 months. Each mini-season would probably adapt new volumes of the novel till the completion of the entire series.

Sword Art Online Season 4: The Cast

Just like the release date, the cast of Sword Art has not been announced yet. However, few names have come in front. Some of them who are said to lend their voices in the fourth season are Yoshitugu Matsouka/Bryce Papenbrook voicing for Kirito, Haruka Tomatsu/Cherami Leigh voicing for Asuna, Nobunaga Shimazaki voicing for Eugeo, and Ai Kayano voicing for Alice Schuberg. The whole cast for the voiceovers is yet to be confirmed.


The complete plot for Sword Art Online season 4 is not disclosed. Sword Art Season 4 will probably pick from the ending of Season 3. Season 3 ended in a nail-biting situation. Kirito was trying to save Alice last season. The new season will focus on the adventures of Kirito. Probably, the new season will have more twists for the fans. If the sources are to be believed, Alice will need help, and in the new season, fans will see Kirito waking up and offering help to Alice. Kirito will work on uniting the good guys against the bad boys. No doubt, Sword Art Online Season 4 plot will be enthralling to watch. It will be interesting to see the entire plot of season 4.

The next season will follow the six months that are passed since the battle against the Administrator. Alice, along with Kirito, reaches her childhood home in Rulide Village, where both live peacefully looking at the world both saved. 


Sometime back, the makers gave a simple glimpse into the next season. It gives an idea about the next season. This series is widely acclaimed among users. However, the trailer for season 4 is still awaited by them. No official announcements have been provided.

Progress of Sword Art Online Season 4

The third season for Sword Art was completed only in September 2020. So, we cannot expect the completion of Sword Art season 4 any time soon. But the announcements make it clear that the storyline and plot for season 4 have been finalized. The story will revolve around the future of characters like Kirito, Asuna, Alice, and others. It is expected that Reki Kawahara may take about two years to compile the complete story. After the compilation of the story, additional time will be taken for the materials to get published. But the fans can expect the reprise of the original cast.

Popularity of Sword Art Online

Sword Art online is very popular. It is renowned not only in Japan but also in various countries worldwide. Till now, more than 19 million copies have been sold worldwide. If you are eagerly waiting for an update on the further sequels, the good news is that the Sword Art television series is renewed for season 4. There is no confirmed date for release, but you can get an update at any point in time. The Sword Art series is worth a watch. You are suggested to read its novel because many unreasonable places in the anime are explained in it.

Note that although it can be compared to any good anime. But it is not appropriate for children to watch. It can be enjoyed by teenagers and older people. 

Lastly, Sword Art Online Season 4 was scheduled to be announced at the end of 2020. But since the shutdown of the entire entertainment industry due to the pandemic, the new season is delayed. It is expected to release around 2024. We will update you with any new developments over the sequel.

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