There’s a reason for the popularity of the phrase, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Yes, it is a favorite among the rich and fabulous, but jewelry really can enhance a woman’s life in some surprising ways. There is the joy of owning something beautiful, which cannot be underestimated.

An article in the Atlantic explained the connection between people and beauty, stating, “part of humans’ appreciation of beauty is because it can conjure the feelings, we tend to associate with happiness…”

Starting a personal jewelry collection adds beauty to life and is a way to make a personal statement. Fortunately, with a little planning, anyone can create a collection that fits their tastes and budget.

How to Start One

Jewelry Reflects Personality

A woman’s dress style can speak volumes about her personality, and jewelry often plays a big part making a good first impression. Artistic personalities may go for unconventional pieces, while extroverts might favor big, bright jewelry. The flamboyant among us might cover themselves in shiny “bling,” while a simple strand of pearls is a universal sign of understated elegance.

Most women do not fit neatly into a category and will mix and match styles to get a personal look. Fortunately, shoppers no longer have to spend hours visiting shops, trying to find jewelry that mirrors their personalities. Fine online retailers offer a huge selection of pieces for every imaginable taste.

Jewelry Can Improve Well-Being

There is a link between overall health and looking our best, and jewelry can play a big part. According to the business publication Insight Success, just wearing a single piece of lovely jewelry can improve confidence and self-esteem.

Jewelry can also have a more direct impact on health. For example, gold has long been used to help wounds heal. It has properties that help regulate body temperature and minimize stress. Silver also helps control body temperature, can protect against radiation, and is an antimicrobial agent. Jewelry materials that include copper, emeralds, pearls, and jade offer their own wellness benefits.

Consider a Minimalist Collection

While all of these pluses are attractive, many women avoid starting a collection because they believe it would lead to clutter and dozens of pieces they might never wear. In fact, some of the world’s best-dressed women are minimalists who own fairly small, carefully curated jewelry collections.

The minimalism trend has led to the popularity of capsule jewelry collections built around essential pieces. Fashion experts at Vogue recommend that every fashion-conscious woman establish a roster of everyday jewelry created using several quality pieces. Trendsetters often own a few wonderful pieces of jewelry that can take them everywhere and last a lifetime.

While each collection will vary according to its owner’s tastes, classic pieces work for everyone. For example, consider investing in one or two chains in your favorite metal. They can be layered or worn alone. Round out the collection with well-chosen rings, bracelets, and earrings. It isn’t necessary to buy everything at once. Just add pieces over time to develop a style that can go anywhere.

Do a Little Research Before Shopping?

Fashion trendsetters understand that jewelry, like clothing, can be used to design a signature look. Some of the most famous women in the world wear the same few pieces almost everywhere. The process of developing a capsule jewelry collection is very personal, so each woman must consider her everyday life and her personal tastes.

Stick with the Classics

Creating a signature jewelry style means including a few go-anywhere pieces. These are the items fashionistas rarely leave home without. Many women create their looks around a single ring or pair of earrings that become their trademarks. The key is to choose classics since they never go out of style.

For instance, simple circle rings, with or without gems, are ideal for every occasion. Signet rings can make a statement, especially if they include a monogram. Delicate pearl rings, understated cocktail rings, and pinky rings with gemstones are also good choices.

Diamond or gold studs are great earring choices because they go with everything. Many women never leave home without their favorite hoop earrings, and some buy several pairs in different sizes. The essential thing is to invest in earrings that are the best possible quality since they will be fashionable for decades.

Make a Shopping Checklist

It’s wise for beginners to have a carefully thought-out plan before buying jewelry. While the very wealthy have the luxury of purchasing anything they want, most women cannot. With that in mind, consider researching merchants before spending hard-earned money on jewelry.

Professional shoppers recommend starting with smaller, trusted sellers who provide quality merchandise that can stand life’s wear and tear. Create a checklist of items with an eye toward each one’s practicality. The most beautiful ring or pair of earrings isn’t much of a bargain if they are rarely worn.

Fashion experts often have two or three criteria that each item must meet. Naturally, each woman will have her own “must haves” that match her lifestyle. For instance, before buying a piece, you might ask yourself, “Is it timeless, sexy, and simple?” If it doesn’t check all of the boxes, do not buy it.

Carefully Build a Budget-Friendly Collection

It’s natural to want to create a personal look as quickly as possible, but making smart choices can take time. It’s better to weigh and measure each purchase than make impulse purchases that stay in a drawer.

Many women who work in the fashion industry have jewelry-buying rules. For instance, they might take a few days before purchasing each piece, even if they already know they love it and want to buy it.

It is possible to keep the budget in mind and still own timeless pieces. Jewelers offer hundreds of choices in various metals and price ranges, so it is possible to find stunning, classic jewelry that doesn’t break the bank. Owning timeless pieces is not as inexpensive as buying costume jewelry, but with careful planning, any woman can collect jewelry that helps create her signature look.

Elegant jewelry adds beauty to life, can have health benefits, and allows women to make a personal statement. Building a minimalist jewelry collection is the best way for most women to create a signature style. The key is to carefully choose classic pieces that fit the available budget.

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