Bats are commonly associated with supernatural beings like witches and vampires.“Flying Rats” is what most people call them. Surprisingly, they are the only mammals who are capable of true flight. Others can only soar through the air just to glide from one place to another. 

Their wings are evolved forearms and fingers, and the “ribs” of their wings are fingers they use to fly by moving those digits rather than just flapping their wings like a bird. The spaces between those fingers are enclosed with a thin membrane that enables them to fly.

Approximately 70% of bats are insectivores, which means that their main food source is insects. Bats can swallow huge amounts of mosquitoes and other irritating insects. Some types of bats only eat fruits, and at least one bat species only eats fish. Also, there are vampire bats that feed on blood. 

In addition, not all bats are nocturnal. Some bats do use echolocation, which is using sound to navigate to fly and hunt at night, but many species of fruit bats like the flying foxes have exceptional eyesight and fly during the day. 

Actually, bats are important to our planet’s ecological system. However, they belong to the wild, so them creating your attic as their home can be disturbing and dangerous. 

Diseases Carried By Bats

Diseases Carried By Bats

Although these mammals help control the population of insects such as mosquitoes and do things like pollinating plants and spreading fruit seeds, they are known as pests for a reason. They are often the reason for many diseases such as:

  • Rabies

 It is the most common disease associated with bats. This is a disease passed on via bat bite, and they can transmit it to animals and people. Rabies can make victims very sick and, if left untreated, can be fatal.

  • Histoplasmosis

It is an illness that usually targets the lungs. It is caused by bat dung (guano) that they leave behind in bounty. 

A fungus develops in the guano, which can lead to serious illness. In addition, bats that build colonies in your attic can leave droppings that have the potential to become life-threatening.

Bats have been the cause of diseases like Marburg, Ebola, Nipah, and Hendra in some other countries. Fortunately, choosing a reliable bat removal service is easy. You can always hire Bat Removal service companies like Midway Pest Management.

Removing Bats 

Removing Bats

There are things that you need to do in getting someone to remove the bats from your building. 

First, you should ask for an inspection and a written estimate beforehand.  

Next, you need to get specifics on how the problem and the animals will be handled. Third, you should insist on humane techniques. 

Fourth, suppose the bats are inside a building. In that case, you should require the use of guaranteed eviction/exclusion approaches, such as one-way doors or hands-on removal and reunion of families that will eventually lead to their freedom outside of the house or commercial building. 

Lastly, prevent a recurrence of the problem by making sure all entries are completely bat-proof. 

Who To Hire

Choosing a reliable bat removal service company can be tricky. The wrong company might just take your money without properly doing their job. 

Also, they might fail to remove the bats completely and let these people into your house or workplace for absolutely no reason. Unqualified or under-trained bat removal specialists can miss baby bats, entry holes, bats, patches of damage. 

If you ask assistance from the wrong company for the task, you may end up eliminating a couple of the bats in the colony, but most of them are left in the building. This will worsen the situation because they don’t just seal the bats up inside your home or place of w. They are committing them to death. This is illegal on both the state and the federal levels in some states, and you could suffer from punishment just as much as the person you hire to do the task if you are caught in the act. 

If you want to make sure you will hire the most professional and licensed bat removal specialists, you should find time to visit their offices and see that they have a pout in place for a valid license. 

Additionally, you should focus on working with a trustworthy bat removal company. They should always be there for you whenever you need their services. They should have accessible hotlines through which one can reach out to them. 

Lastly, look at their reputation. The opinion of others about the bat removal services conducted by a company will tell if it is worthwhile to give your contract to the same company. 

Work With The Best

Happy and satisfied customers who received bat removal services from a given company will write positive testimonies on their webpage. 

Midway Pest Management has received a lot of awesome and positive reviews from their valued clients. 

Moreover, the history of the chosen bat removal company can be seen from BBB sites if you want to confirm if there is any kind of complaint filed by any customer. Another excellent way of finding a bat removal company is asking for recommendations. 

There can be a friend who got flawless bat removal services and thus can give a piece of sincere advice. When you use the WRONG bat removal company, many things can go wrong, so you should be very careful. 

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