Are you worried about your spider veins? Are they ruining your appearance? Most of us have spider veins but do not know how to remove them. If you think spider veins are impossible to remove, you are wrong. Following some simple steps can get you rid of these veins. To know more about this, keep reading.

What causes spider veins?

To remove spider veins, you need to understand what they are and what causes these veins. Spider veins form when the blood flow in your veins gets interrupted. As a result, the veins get swollen and visible. 

What causes spider veins

Spider veins look like the thin red and blue nets. The valves of your veins get damaged due to uneven blood flow, and blood stops flowing backward. Ensuring smooth blood flow can remove these veins permanently.

How to get rid of spider veins?

Getting rid of spider veins is not that difficult. You can follow these guidelines to make the blood flow even.

Regular workout

When you sit idle, your muscles become stiff and inactive. As a result, blood circulation throughout your body becomes poor. This triggers spider veins. When you exercise regularly, your muscles move, and you stay active. This promotes smooth blood circulation, and as a result, spider veins disappear.

Use compression stocking

Compression stockings have helped people suffering from spider veins effectively. These stockings create pressure on your legs and push the blood forward. So, the vein becomes free of stagnant blood. 

Different compression stockings have different pressure levels. Your physician will suggest the best one for you. So, if you want to get away with your spider veins, use compression stockings.


This is an effective treatment to remove spider veins. During the therapy, an irritant will be injected into your veins. This will irritate the veins and make them stick together. Later the veins will shrink and disappear altogether. But, for this therapy to work, you need to take several sessions. 

Laser therapy

Laser therapy can also be used to treat spider veins. Small laser light will be applied to your spider veins. The strong beam of light will shrink and dry up the veins. This process is non-invasive and quick. There is no recovery time and side effects. So, opt for laser therapy if you want to get rid of spider veins for good.

Use sunscreen

Some simple changes like wearing sunscreen can remove spider veins. The UV rays of the sun damage your skin and cause sunburn. When you wear sunscreen, your spider veins become less visible.

Weight loss

If you are overweight, the chances of having spider veins are higher. When the weight of your upper body is too much, your legs feel more pressure than usual. As a result, the blood flow gets interrupted. When you have a healthy weight, the blood flow throughout your body stays smooth.

Avoiding tight clothes

Wearing tight clothes can affect your veins. When we wear clothes that are too tight around our legs and waist, the blood flow gets restricted. This can be a big trigger for spider veins. So, always wear comfortable and well-fitted outfits which let you breathe.

Stay active

As mentioned above, staying inactive can cause spider veins. So, you must always stay engaged in some kind of activity. Make sure that your legs are not idle for hours. Mobility reduces the appearance of spider veins.

Avoid too hot saunas

If you use the sauna and hot tubs for a long time, your veins may get swollen. Most of us do not know but overusing a relaxing sauna can harm our health. If your veins get swelled up, there is a higher risk of getting spider veins.

Say no to alcohol

Alcohol is very bad for your nerves and veins. It damages your blood cells and breaks your vessels. So, if you are looking forward to getting rid of your spider veins, quit consuming alcohol immediately.

Do not sit for too long

Sitting at one position for hours can trigger spider veins. If you have to sit for hours, elevate your legs to a higher place to ensure smooth blood flow and change your positivity now and then. This will stop your blood from pooling in your legs.

Using cosmetics

With the advanced cosmetic industry, now we have many concealers that can temporarily cover our spider veins. Though this is not a life long solution, it is effective. Some concealers can stay up to 24 hours. So, if you need any immediate results, you can use those. The concealers are also useful if you are going to an event.


These are some effective ways to get rid of spider veins. If you have them, do not worry. They can be removed. Just some simple changes in your life can be effective. If your condition is serious, there are many medical procedures to remove these veins as well. So, contact your dermatologist and get rid of these veins.

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