Nothing defines your kitchen space better than stylish looking cabinets. Whether you’re planning a total remodel or going for a minor change, the kitchen cabinet is the space you should try experimenting with. 

From neutrals to bold designs, the current trends are all about trying your hands on rigorous design changes. In this blog, we’ve shortlisted some of the most prominent kitchen cabinet styles that are ruling in 2021. If you want to know about these trending styles and how you can spruce up your kitchen, continue reading this blog. 

Trendiest kitchen cabinet designs of 2021 

Open shelving 

Open shelving has become a dominant trend for kitchen cabinets this year. Nowadays, people invest a lot in kitchen cutlery and other kitchenware stuff, which is why open shelving is a great way to display them. 

Moreover, the open shelving design provides ample air and light to the things inside those shelves. Additionally, the open design provides the illusion of enlarged space which is great for small kitchens. 

Use your stylish coffee mugs, wine bottles, and mason jars as display items as it gives a more sophisticated look. You can also use different lighting to give the space a more stylish look and add a few planters for that aesthetic appearance. 

Wooden cabinets 

Wood has been a dominating element in home design this year. People are really obsessing over the rusting bohemian look these wooden cabinets bring to your kitchen. If you’re someone who loves a clean, modern look without adding too many elements, wooden kitchen cabinets are the perfect choice for you. 

Wooden cabinets

You can also add patterns and textures in the wooden cabinetry to add more characters to it. The neutral color and soft texture bring a subtle luxury to these cabinets. 

Total stacked cabinets 

If you love cooking different recipes every day, full stacked cabinets are your ideal choice. It is also one of the most dominant cabinet designs of the year as it provides both sophistication and storage. 

As an ardent cook, you will certainly need multiple tools and cooking ingredients. Entire stacked cabinets give you the storage to keep all your kitchen tools organized as they go from floor to ceiling. Moreover, adding lights and laminates to these cabinets will provide an even sleek look. 

Bold colored cabinets 

If you are looking for a design that is bold and adds character to your kitchen, go for bold-colored cabinets. Color is the most minimal and efficient way to bring character and boldness into the kitchen. 

Unique and customized colored cabinets can also make them stand out among other traditional designs. Balck, navy, charcoal gray, emerald green are a few options to give your kitchen cabinets a renewed look this year. 

Zoothex provides numerous designs for cabinets. You can choose stylish cabinets for your kitchen from Zoothex and have the cabinet of your dreams without much hassle. 

Minimal aesthetics 

Minimal aesthetics has been a trending style throughout the years, and it still dominates the cabinet designs in 2021. Minimal, neutral designs provide a timeless look and are for people who want to portray a subtle yet modern kitchen cabinet look. 

You can add a bit of gold or black to the handles and knots to break the monotonous hue and bring a slight pop of color. The smooth edges and recessed panel design are what you need to make your minimal kitchen cabinet a hit this year. 

Glass kitchen cabinets 

Glass kitchen cabinets are yet another trend that has ruled over this year’s kitchen cabinet designs. In addition to looking beautiful, they give you a chance to display your stylish kitchenware. 

But if you love the glass cabinets but don’t want to display your kitchenware, don’t worry. Textured glass cabinets are here to the rescue!. These textured glass cabinets serve the purpose of keeping your kitchenware hidden. 

If you love the textured design, you can go for bubble, frosted, or patterns glass cabinets. You can add lights inside these glass cabinets to make them stand out even more and give your kitchen that modern look. 

Printed kitchen cabinets 

Vibrant and bold styles are ruling over the current kitchen cabinet design. It is also a favorite among art lovers as it gives them the chance to add their favorite print or pattern to their kitchen interior. 

Bold colored prints using vibrant colors like yellow, blue, green, red is what you need to ace the printed kitchen cabinet style. Moreover, the printed cabinets are also easy to maintain, and they don’t display stains easily. If you have kids in your house, printed cabinets can be your savior!

Final words 

Having a cabinet that is both beautiful and utilizable can be a daunting task. However, if you keep yourself updated with the trends and incorporate them in your kitchen interior, getting your favorite kitchen isn’t a distant dream. 

The designs we have shortlisted are dominating the cabinet designs of 2021. Hopefully, these designs helped you get some ideas before you start revamping your new kitchen cabinets!

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