Carpets add aesthetic value, comfort and make your home appealing. They come in different colours, designs, and styles to fit your home décor. One thing that bothers most people who own carpets is seam damage.

A visible seam, open seam, or frayed seam – there is a fix for everything. Now restore your seams without hiring a professional carpet repair Brisbane technician.

Some of The Common Seam Issues And Simple Carpet Seam Repair Hacks:

Common Issues in Carpet Seams

Carpet installation can be a daunting task and, if not done right, can result in wear and tear. Further, in carpet installation, laying carpet seams is considered the most challenging task.

Seam Shadows

Seam shadow is never a pleasant sight to watch. It occurs when the carpet seam is overexposed to sunlight. The light from the window casts a shadow over it, and with time it intensifies the seam. You can fix this by avoiding strong light over the seams.

Seam Peaking

Another common issue is when the seam starts peeking out. It is caused when the carpet is stretched across or perpendicular to the carpet seam. To avoid seam peaking, you can ensure that the carpets are stretched parallel to the joint. Professional carpet installation and carpet seam repair Brisbane technicians are aware of these issues and ensure that flooring is stretched parallelly.

Unravelling Seams

Another issue is unravelling seams. It is caused when the seam edges are not sealed properly. If you notice seams unwinding, cut between the tuft rows instead of cutting through the tuft. You can even press the seam iron into the seam edge.

Seam Splitting

The sight of a splitting seam is unpleasant and nothing less than an eyesore. It can be caused due to heavy foot traffic, carpet steam cleaning Brisbane service, water damage, or flood.

The best way to ensure that the seams do not split is by keeping them away from areas that experience heavy foot traffic. Use a higher density pad in such areas to avoid ripping.

Along with that, you can use seam rollers to generate pressure against the seam and force them into the molten adhesive. Also, create a flat, firm base for the backing. You can achieve this by placing plywood under the seam when you press it into the seam.

Discoloured Seams

Professional carpet seam repair Brisbane technicians use carpet iron to seal the seam together. It is essential to use it when it is at the right temperature. You can use a heat shield to avoid overheating. Plus, ensure that you never go against the direction of the nap.

Another reason for discolouration is seam weights. It happens when the seam weights trap heat and moisture within. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid using seam weights made of plastic, glass, metal, or marble.

Unattractive Carpet Seams

Seams with wrinkles or ripples look unpleasant and unsightly. You can avoid this by not cutting across a tuft. Use a sharp utility knife when cutting the carpet. Also, choose the right carpet roller.

If you are using hot glue do not use a star roller, as it can cause indentations. The easy way to remember this is a star (roller) equals cold, and a smooth (roller) equals heat. So, when working with hot glue, use a smooth roller.

Ways to Hide Carpet Seams

Carpets are sold in a standard width of 12-foot rolls, meaning carpet seams are inevitable.

Here are a few ways in which you can hide carpet seams like a professional carpet seam repair Brisbane technician:

As mentioned before, avoid installing seams where you get strong light. Also, instead of installing carpet perpendicular to the window, install them towards the windows. Another technique to ensure seam stays invisible is to choose the same type of carpeting. With the same colour and style, the seam won’t be visible.

According to professional carpet repair and cleaning companies the another way to make carpet seams invisible is position the seam where you experience low foot traffic. Less foot traffic reduces the risk of seams getting caught in footwear and fibers wearing down.

Lastly, it is essential to vacuum your carpets once a week between professional services. Also, avoid opting for uncertified and cheap carpet steam cleaning Brisbane services, as they may damage the carpets.

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