Carpets add elegance, warmth and make the home comfortable. They even enhance the beauty of the flooring and bring a classy look to the house. But just like all the other household items, carpets too lose their charm. Especially, when the seams start coming out.

You can hire a professional carpet repair Canberra technician and restore your flooring to its original condition. We have even outlined the process of repairing carpet seams if you want to save some bucks and repair seams on your own.

Causes for Carpet Seam Damage

Causes for Carpet Seam Damage

The common cause for carpet seam damage is improper sealing of two carpet edges. When carpet seams are not closed properly, the odds are one of the two will come apart.

Some flooring may take some time, while others can fall apart within a few days of installation. Carpets can start splitting even if the installation is perfect. Carpet seams that are not aligned or secured well may start coming out in a few days of installation. Further, seams may even split due to the use of poor-quality adhesive or seam tape.

Another reason for carpet damage is opting for uncertified and cheap carpet steam cleaning Canberra companies. Unlicensed technicians do not consider the quality of the carpet before cleaning and end up damaging the flooring further.

Carpet seam may split dues to heavy foot traffic and age too. Seams are designed to be durable, but like other items, they cannot last for decades and withstand heavy foot traffic. With time, they begin to deteriorate and split apart.

Why is Carpet Seam Repair Essential?

Repairing damaged carpet seam is essential. If the seams are not repaired, it can lead to several accidents or health hazards in the house. It can make your living space a tripping zone. The situation may worsen when you have kids and elderly family members. Plus, your pets may be tempted to bite off the fringes.

Along with that, cleaning and vacuuming the carpet becomes a challenging task. Also, the frayed or damaged seam will make the sight unbearable and revolting. So, if you notice your seam splitting up, immediately get in touch with an expert carpet seam repair Canberra company.

Process of Carpet Seam Repair

Carpet seam repair is not that difficult. Follow these steps, and you will be able to restore your carpet like a professional carpet steam cleaning Canberra technician.

Here is the best way to repair a carpet seam using five easy steps:

Step 1 – Cut the seam open using a utility knife. It is done so that you can work with joints properly. You can avoid this step if the seam is very long.

Step 2 – Clean under the seam and the old seam tape. It is a crucial step, and it would be best if you give heed to this step. Here is how you can do this without causing any damage. Get an old iron that you don’t use anymore, or rent a seam iron that is designed for this purpose. It is essential to get the best iron for the most desirable results. The iron melts the old seam tape and puts the seams together.

Step 3 – Make sure the seam edges are aligned and secured perfectly. If there is any gap, then it would lead to splitting again. Another reason to align the seam properly is that you need to avoid a gap in the nap.

Step 4 – Centre the seaming tape under the seam. You can use a pencil to mark the centre before positioning the seam tape. Once the tape is on the spot, you are ready to put the seam together again.

Step 5 – Use the iron to melt the heat-activated seam tape and gently press the carpet into the hot glue. Place heavyweight, like books or toolboxes to help the seam stay in place.

If you follow the above-mentioned steps closely, you are likely to succeed. But if you are doubtful, then get in touch with a professional carpet seam repair Canberra service provider. Plus, it is essential to avoid all the things that can damage your carpet seams, including hiring unlicensed and cheap carpet steam cleaning Canberra companies.

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