Skin rashes give the most uncomfortable and uneasy feeling when they appear. They come in various forms. Rashes may appear dry, moist, scaly, reddish, and blistered. There may be a change of color seen in the area, and it may either feel itchy or painful. 

There are various potential causes of skin rashes. They can be caused by allergies, reactions or irritations, diseases, or infections. But one of the most common causes of skin rashes that most people are exposed to is household products, specifically, laundry products. 

How do laundry detergents affect the skin?


Laundry products, like any other regular soaps, contain various potentially irritating ingredients. One of the ingredients found in laundry detergents is certain types of surfactants, which have a vital role in loosening and washing away dirt particles. Surfactants can be harmful to the skin, especially the sensitive type. 

Artificial fragrances are also one of the ingredients of laundry detergents considered harmful to one’s skin. When these chemicals get in contact with the skin, they will trigger irritations and skin rashes. 

Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is the irritation of the skin in response to exposure to harmful chemicals or additives in one’s laundry detergents. It would appear as a patchy red rash on the skin that is usually itchy. In some cases, it would sometimes have blisters or, worse, burning of the skin. 

There are two types of contact dermatitisirritant and allergic contact dermatitis. In cases of irritant contact dermatitis, harmful chemicals get in contact with the skin. There is a high probability that it would damage the top layer of the skin,  causing the formation of itchy, reddish rashes on the skin, even though one is not allergic to the products used.

On the other hand, allergic contact dermatitis is the skin’s allergic reaction to exposure to products one is sensitive to. It is the body’s immune response to such chemicals or ingredients. 

Even though these skin rashes do not require serious medical attention, the presence of these rashes is somehow displeasing and bothersome. These skin irritations normally subside on their own, accompanied by the discontinuation of the products. However, it is important to consider solutions to avoid the recurrence of these rashes. 

For starters, it is important to change the old laundry products that are considered the culprit of these rashes and replace them with detergents free of dyes and alternative fragrances. Although, this is viewed as a challenge since manufacturing companies use exclusive blends, making it challenging to identify the ingredients used.

The second is to make one’s laundry detergent. This is very useful, especially if one lives with kids and infants at home who have sensitive skin. One can make a solution that is dye-free and fragrance-free, which would help prevent skin irritations. 

Lastly, is to be mindful of how laundry is done by wearing gloves to avoid direct contact of the products to the skin. You can ask a laundry expert for tips and products suggestions or if one’s skin is too sensitive to handle these kinds of products. Moreover, choose a reliable laundromat and avail of its services.

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