The Clone Wars is an anime TV series that is written and created by George Lucas. The series was released in August 2015. It was debuted on Cartoon Networks in October the same year. Its setting is based on the fictional background of Star Wars during three years between Attack of the Clone film and Revenge of the Sith. 

In 2013, there were updates about the film, and it was announced that it would be winding down. The sixth season was composed having thirteen episodes, and it was made available for streaming in March 2014. 

Later in 2020, the series was revived for the seventh season, composing twelve episodes premiered on Disney+.  Cartoon Network aired the first five seasons, while Netflix aired season six and Disney+ aired the final season of The Clown Wars. The series has become one of the Cartoon Network’s highest-rated shows on its initial run. 

Is Clone Wars Season 8 Renewed or Cancelled?

The Clone Wars has been one of the greatest shows run by Disney and has been loved by its fans. Unfortunately, The Clown Wars season 8 however it has been canceled. In 2013, the show was discontinued after season 6, but it was revived for the seventh season, which started to be aired in 2020. Season 7 had the plot to show that The Clone Wars were headed to the end. This meant that the storyline was almost done. 

Season 7 demonstrated how the Clone Wars Divided into 3 arcs, and the first one dealt with Bad Batch and Rex, while the second one is with Ahsoka, and the third arc aided in the sieging of the Mandalore to take down Darth. 

The plot of season 7 ends with the last chapter, Revenge of Sith, which indicated that the show ended. The supervisor of the series who also aided in lighting, Gianni, on his Twitter, said that it was great to work in The Clone Wars, and together with the production team, they will keep making more anime. 

The release date for Clone Wars Season 8

Unfortunately, the show will not proceed to season 8 since it was canceled. However, fans are recommended to watch great series under the same production of Star Wars since there is great content too. It was revealed that the showrunners and the producers David and George Lucas called the Clone Wars season 7 the last one. 

Clone wars cast

Clone wars cast

The cast of the Season

 The whole season had new characters and recurring ones, and the list is as follows:

  • Matt Lanter, who played the role of Anakin Skywalker
  • Ashley Eckstein as Ahsoka, and there were additional voices in seasons 1-5 and 7. 
  • Matthew Wood played the role of Droids. 
  • Greg Baldwin as Gwarm 
  • Ahmed Best as Jar Binks
  • Olivia d’Abo as Luminara 
  • Jon Favreau as Vizsla 

Most of the characters had recurred from the previous seasons all the way to season seven. Additionally, there were additional voices in the show making it more interesting and suitable for viewing. 

The plot of The Clone Wars Series

The series was set during Prequel Trilogy Era, and this was the period of three years between Cline’s Attack and Revenge of the Sith. Initially, the series was portrayed as anthology-making episodes sharing shallow narratives connections between them. 

The first season focused on battles between the Republic and Separatists and their efforts to convince both planets and races to join them. Season two of The Clown Wars had its main focus on bounty hunter characters, and it also featured storylines and arcs that spin between the second and fifth episodes. 

Season three began to focus on the developments of certain characters featured in several story arcs. In seasons four and five majorly concern the arcs and the story of the 5 arcs in large. Season 6 features the story of 4 arcs, and the final season, season 7, consisting of three arcs. 


Whereas the anime, just like any other show, received mixed reactions at first, the positive reactions overwhelmed the negative, and consequently, the series is appreciated by many across the globe. As such, the showrunners David Filoni and Steven Melchin, and others have done an excellent job in ensuring the anime series remained marketable. 

Tom Kane being the narrator, made sure that the series was well understood together with his co-narrators Matt, James, and Matthew Wood. However, Cartoon Network has done an amazing job airing the first five seasons while Netflix aired season six and Disney+ aired the final season of The Clown Wars.

Altogether, the producers made sure the show was running till where it was expected. The canceling of Season 8, was unexpected and they did the best they could to take until season 7. 

The first 3 seasons on Rotten Tomatoes had an average rating, while the last 4 seasons have a good rating of 8 out of 10 with reviews saying it was a great animated show. 

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