Martin Gero is the content creator of a thriller action television series by the name blindspot.

On September 21st, 2015, the series first premiered on NBC by Warner Bros television. The series was later renewed for NBC’s fifth and final season, which premiered from 7th May to 23rd July 2020.

The first season premiered with 22 episodes.

The series got renewed for a second season on 9th November 2015 and debuted on 14th September 2016.it again got renewed for a third time on May 10th, 2017, and debuted 0n 27th October 2017.

NBC  renewed the series again for the fourth season on 10th May 2018; later, the series got renewed for the fifth and final time on 10th May 2019 with 11 episodes.

Is Blindspot season 5 renewed or canceled?

The Blindspot series has been renewed for five seasons. There is no assurance that the season will be restored yet again for the sixth season.

The Plot of Blindspot Season 5

The series is about an unknown woman found naked inside a traveling bag and is tattooed, the woman who cannot recall anything about herself or any past events in her life; the FBI sees her at times square in New York. The FBI later realizes that the tattoos on the woman’s body give them a hint of crimes they have to deal with and solve.

Blindspot Season 5

Blindspot Season 5

The Cast

Sullivan Stapleton, New York FBI special agent stars as Kurt Weller, jane’s (the anonymous woman) childhood friend who disappeared, and he lived with so much guilt and pain. After finding her, he became so protective of her. after solving one mystery using jane’s tattoos, he got promoted. After some time, Weller finds out that she is not the honest Taylor, his childhood friend, but the real one was long dead.

He felt betrayed and handed over jane to the CIA. In season 2, they later rebuild their friendship from the start after escaping. In season 3, Weller and Jane finally get married and move to Colorado close to Weller’s daughter Bethany to build a relationship. While there, they get attacked by the Roman forces, and they are again forced to move back to New York to join their old team again.

Yet again, June disappears for two years, and when she returns, she returns with new tattoos giving them a hint on how to track Roman. During season 4, Jane starts getting side effects of the drug “ZIP” that was used on her and wiping away her memory making, making her go back to her old habits and ruining her character, luckily she gets medication.

More About the Cast

She goes back to normal. At the end of the season, jane and weller and their team are dropped from the FBI, and later jane and weller decide to have a more prominent family by adopting several kids.

Jaimie Alexander stars as Remi Briggs and is fondly known as “jane doe,” she is an anonymous woman who was found by the FBI in a traveling bag her body full of tattoos; she had amnesia and did not remember anything about herself or her past she is kept in the custody of the FBI as investigations are made about her. However, she gets flashbacks and has different military skills and language.

The FBI team thinks she is a former NAVY SEAL because of her excellent military skills. Jane is assumed to be weller’s best friend, Taylor Shaw, who got lost 25 years ago and was considered dead. She identified as his friend due to the scar behind her neck. Weller’s father confesses to killing the real Taylor shaw during his death, and this confessing alters the DNA results.

Remi was initially born in South Africa; she later became an orphan at a young age and grew up being trained as a child soldier by the apartheid regime. She was later adopted by a shepherd and raised.

More Information

Jane marries weller in season 3, and they relocate to Colorado, where she goes to stay with weller’s daughter Bethany and create a bond. When Jane was a teenager, she had a daughter whom she was forced to give up for adoption by a shepherd; luckily, she gets reconnected with her during this time.

She suddenly started having side effects from ZIO, the drug she was using that cleaned up her memory. This happens at the end of the season.

She secretly unites with the shepherd betraying his team, but the team found out, and she is given treatment, and she regains sense and ends up killing the shepherd because he was the enemy. Jane deals with the side effects of the drug ZIP but is later ZIPED by bombs in the ivy sands that were planted there. In the end, she gets treatment and adopts many children together with weller expanding their family.

More About Blindspot

Rob Brown, a weller’s team member, stars as Edgar Reade, a special FBI agent. After jane and better move to Colorado, he is made the head of the New York office. In season 4, he is killed in the drone strike attack, but in the last season, season 5, he appears as flashback and hallucination to jane due to the ZIP effect.

Audrey Esparza stars as Natasha Zapata, fondly known as “Tasha,” Edgar reader’s fiancé and a special agent FBI.

Michelle Hurd stars as ellen Briggs fondly known as “shepherd.’

Ennis esmer stars as rich dotcom

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio stars as Madeline burke


Generally, blindspot got a good review from viewers and is an excellent series to watch to keep you glued on your seat till the end.

The audience is still hoping for the renewal of a sixth season.

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