Australia is a land of the most fun-loving, crazy, educated, and independent people in the world. Aussies are adept at striking a balance in their personal and professional life. However, once they step out of their workplace, you get to see a different side to their personalities.

If you are a resident of Australia, you would probably prefer to spend your summer afternoon with a G&T in your backyard soaking in some vitamin D. Gin, tequila, and vodka are the three most consumed spirits in Australia. But recently, tequila and vodka consumers have fallen, and a rise in gin consumers has been observed. Australian gin or any gin in the world is basically an evolved version of ethanol. People are so fond of the variety of added flavours available in gin that there has been a constant rise in its popularity in the last few years. The average monthly gin drinking adults in Australia has grown from 6,33,000 to 8,60,000 in the last decade.

So, why has there been a sudden rise in gin buyers in Australia?

Over the years, vodka and tequila have been the most popular spirits consumed by Aussies. But lately, they have become bored of the same cocktails and tastes that consumers are now willing to try something new and different. Gin is a pretty popular spirit as well, and Australian manufacturers are making an effort to upgrade the drink by creating fun and unique flavours.

There are various other reasons why gin is the new favourite among Australians and many people worldwide.

  • Gin is a spirit that you can consume in all seasons

The best thing about gin is that it changes its effect according to the change in the seasons. In summer, you can mix gin with a mojito to keep you cool. Whereas, on a cold winter night, a gin toddy will keep you warm. Gin is an all-season winner that will lift your mood instantly.

  • Gin is versatile and weird sometimes

Gin is one spirit that starts from a low range and can go up to any level. Sometimes, manufacturers experiment so much that they end up putting out a gin that is weird in taste.

On the other hand, when you talk about expensive or premium gins, you can literally find unique flavoured gins in a store. There are all sorts of flavoured gins such as gin with botanical ingredients, gin with edible 24k gold, blackberry gin, red gum gin, blossom gin, and many others.

  • Gin blends with any cocktail

It is a superstar that rocks every cocktail. As you know, gin is made with wheat and barley and is relatively neutral enough to blend with any cocktail. So, according to individual preferences, you can have your gin neat, or you can pick your favourite gin cocktails and make the best of your days. For more cocktail mix, visit baranddrink.com

  • Gin is a global dominator

Gin is a prevalent spirit in all parts of the world. You might find different versions of it in other countries, but in the end, it is widely accepted and loved by all. You can find green tea-infused gin in Japan and an Australian gin infused with mountain red gum and botanicals. It is definitely a global dominator, and you should always keep your options open to try new flavoured gin.

So, if you are from Australia and are searching for new gin flavours, look out for local manufactures rather than global brands to experiment with distinct tastes.

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