The reliable earplug has been around even in the early days. In this noisy world, they can be treasured. The standard design of an earplug was patented in 1884. Thirty years later, the disposable version of an earplug was patented.

The early development of the item was inspired by the need of the military personnel in the air force to obtain protection for their hearing during World War II.

What is an Ear Plug?

Generally, earplugs are used in the workplace to protect the worker’s ears from too much noise. However, workers can also use them to protect their ears from dust, foreign objects, excessive wind, or water invasion. When the worker’s ears are exposed to loud noise, it can often result in loss of hearing and a lasting ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus.

An ear plug will be embedded into your ear canal. It provides greater hearing protection, making it the best option in places with extreme noise. Since they are smaller, they can be easily worn together with other PPE devices such as head protection and goggles. An ear plug is often a preferred choice in places with warmer climates.

There are different varieties of an earplug, from reusable to disposable ones. You can also choose a custom-made earplug that is specially created to fit your ear canal. You can use a DIY kit to make this or let a professional create this for you. Some earplug types are intended for specific tasks, such as those used in the agriculture and music industries.

Ear Plugs Can Help in Preventing Hearing Loss

The National Acoustics Laboratory reveals that the damage can occur within a short period. By wearing an earplug, you can reduce the sound’s volume and protect your ears from any damage.

They can help in protecting both permanent and temporary hearing loss. An earplug comes in various sizes and shapes, depending on which can make you feel comfortable and your purpose in using them.

Ear Plugs Block Excessive Sound

An earplug can be very handy around noisy surroundings since it can block excessive noise. One of the biggest problems in workplaces is noise-induced hearing loss. It is often caused by a single occurrence of excessive noise or long exposure to noise.

More men are greatly affected by this than women. It is because men are often exposed to loud machinery. However, employers must guarantee that their workers are well protected, yet some people feel reluctant to use protection.

Musicians who do not wear an earplug most often experience hearing loss. Aside from the music industry, noise-induced hearing loss is also observed in the construction, manufacturing, and agriculture industries. To protect workers from noise at their workplace, they should wear noise reduction earplugs.

Ear Plugs are Valuable for Swimmers

If you are a person who swims often and wants to prevent water from entering your ears, you should wear an earplug. They can keep your ears dry all the time. They can also help in preventing swimmer’s ear, which is an annoying and painful condition.

An ear plug can effectively block noise, dust, water, and other objects from entering your ears. It can also effectively prevent hearing loss.

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