If the anime series holds your interest, then watching Violet Evergarden will surely be the best TV anime series for you. It is inspired by the novel sharing a similar title. The first-ever release of the novel happened five years back on Christmas Day, that is 25th December. The streaming of this TV anime series went up to the following year (2016) in December. After some years, a Japanese animation studio decided to come up with the anime version of the novel series. 

And then begin the first season of the anime show that aired two years back in January. The experiment did become successful when Violet Evergarden won the hearts of viewers for its captivating story plot. Now, such is the excitement, that no one can hold their patience to watch the second follow up season to hit their TV screens. Let us discuss more of it. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Violet Evergarden
Genre: Coming-of-age
Directed by:  Taichi Ishidate
Based on: Novel of same name
Place Of Origin: Japan
Written by Reiko Yoshida
Original language: Japanese
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 13


Violet Evergarden Season 2 Release Date

Background Story

This anime Japanese series is seen taking place in an imaginary location, where a great war takes place. After so many years of dispute, the war finally comes to an end paving the people of Telesis to start a new life. And later on, the continent, Telesis becomes prosperous. The anime story lays on the background of the central character, Violet Evergarden. She is an ex-warfare fighter, who had been trained to execute the opponent. She proves herself to be a valiant soldier fighting with the opponent army. When the war reaches its last leg, Violet gets seriously injured on her leg and is admitted to the hospital. 

When the injury on her affected leg gets healed, she ventures out with her new guardians and then decides how to lead her life ahead. She begins her new life by working in a postal firm and coincidently becomes familiar with manuscript writing tasks. It was a tactic to jolt down the thoughts and words of people. Fascinated by the nature of the scripting task, Violet makes up her mind and soon becomes an Auto Memory Doll. Later on, her enchanting beauty brings her into the category of well-known dolls. The task chosen by her leads her to cheer escapades, and soon she discovers herself. 

Knowing More About Violet Evergarden

According to the show format, it is understood that the story revolves around Violet, the main lead character of the show. In the above, we gave you a brief idea about this ex-soldier who turns up to become an Auto Memory Doll. But, if you think the short description of her is not enough to make you engaged to watch the anime show, then let us delve into more about this character. As has been mentioned above, Violet is an ex-soldier, but other than that one needs to know that she was not brought up by her parents. She was fully trained to execute the enemy at the time of war. She was found as an orphaned girl child on a bereft island, where some troops attempt to sexually assault her. But soon she sends them to death bed.

When a soldier of high-ranking discovers Violet, he comes to know that she had some sort of uniqueness and distinct personality that drove his attention towards her. The officer gets much impressed by the warfare tactics that he takes Violet under his control. However, he soon comes to know that she is mute, and is only capable of taking orders. After that, Violet proves her worth at the time of war and contributes to assassinating the enemy army, leading to a winning end. She was mainly given the training to kill her foes and used to obey the orders given to her. She never had the sense to know what is right and what is wrong.

Lack of Emotions

The kind of training she had made her aloof from human society. She was far away from any emotions or displaying any feelings for someone. This showed her inability to know what someone is trying to say or express to her. It was when she got a new task in a postal firm, becoming an Auto Memory Doll, trying to read the characteristics (emotions & feelings) of human beings. 

This is when she starts understanding the emotions, although could not express them due to her brought up conditions. After getting improvement, Violet starts getting herself exposed to the world. Even though she tries hard to be mild and speak politely with people, it was difficult for her to vent out her thoughts and become straightforward, when in need. However, when she attended to clients, she listened to them properly.


Although he is not a centralized character, still, he had a very prominent role in being the chief of the army or commander. It was he who acknowledged Violet’s worth at the time of war. Even though she was considered as the best fatal weapon laying down enemies, still, Gilbert never had that approach for her. He always gave her humanitarian treatment. It was he who gave her the name ‘Violet’. She was much closer to him. At the time of war, when Gilbert gets severely wounded, with other people, Violet makes all efforts to save him. But instead, she is being told to retreat by the officer. Soon Violet departs with him. But at the end time, Gilbert expresses her love for her. 

Release Of Violet Evergarden Season 2

The expectations of Violet Evergarden Season 2 was much higher, but it all came down when the Japanese animation studio decided to hold on to it and made emphasis on the anime version of the movie. So till now, there is no such assurance of its new season. So, guys, it feels bad for not having any hope for the follow-up season. We can understand how you must be feeling about not getting any updates on its release. All you have to do is wait for a long time, till the time any unexpected news of the second season arrives.

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