When it comes to comics, then Manga webcomics are not far behind the prominent comic brands like Marvel and DC. Other than your usual superheroes like Batman, Superman, Spiderman & Hulk, there are many interesting superhuman characters in Manga, that can behold your interest. And don’t think I am going to put my emphasis on DragonballZ or any other character you are familiar with. The anime manga superhero which I am referring to is much more powerful than other anime heroes including Super Saiyan of DragonballZ. He is One Punch Man. 

The name itself will make you understand that he can make his opponent bite the dust with one extreme blow. The character has been a common character in Manga webcomics from Japan. The network ONE is known to be behind its production. Initially, it was mainly a Manga comics character that appeared in comics. But now, it has become a popular anime superhero with unique power abilities and fighting tactics. It has a million viewership recorded. A million copies of these manga comics have been sold in Japan and have even got in the category of nomination for a prestigious award five years back. 


Show Details 

TV Series: One Punch Man
Genre: Action & comedy
Directed by:  Shingo Natsume & Chikara Sakurai
Written by: Tomohiro Suzuki
Place Of Origin: Japan
Produced by: Chinatsu Matsui, Noboyuki Hosoya & others
Original language: Japanese
Number of seasons: 2
Number of episodes: 24

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date

Story Plot

The story of One Punch Man revolves around the central character, named Saitama. He has a gifted power ability to knock down an evil force with one major stroke by punching only at once. If you take an example of superheroes, you will find that there are multiple villains, each specialized in his demonic power skills. But with Saitama, it is not so. Being a power-packed superhero, you will still find him worried and lonesome. His major regret is he cannot find an opponent who can match up to his power. 

Now, as it is obvious that superheroes do not have time to chill because they carry a big onus to protect the city and its people from demonic forces. The same applies to Saitama. Seeing the constant emergence of evil powers that are causing havoc to the city and its citizens, breeds the need for a hero who could stop them, and saves human life from destruction. For this, Saitama enrolls himself in an association meant for heroes and executes all his heroic responsibilities. 

There comes a twist. And it starts with an executive of a superhero association, who plans to transform demonic forces into human savior heroes. This makes Garou come out from his notorious gang and puts up the challenge for superheroes. And then a fight breaks out between him and Saitama. After realizing the one-punch power of the latter, Garou opts to run away, because his willpower has been demolished by Saitama. Despite winning, the association of heroes is not satisfied, as they are surrounded by some issues that must be solved.

Some Prominent Characters Besides Hero

Even though a hero is a mainstream character on which the story revolves around. But any movie, comic, or anime series does not completely dwell upon him. Other characters are as important as the hero. So let us know some of these characters who are equally relevant in the anime series. Starting with:

Saitama: The One Punch Man

Saitama is the actual identity of the white caped and yellow-colored costumed bald hero, famously called One Punch Man. He is the main hero of the anime series based on him. He is the C-ranked member of the Hero Association. Now, it appears to be surprising how a person can stand at this level. Well, it is at the time of beginning, he climbs the ladder of upper rank through his willpower.

And he gets the power of smashing down any negative force with one extreme blow. I bet you will admire this character when you will see that he does not have any attitude or pride over his unchallenged punching power. You will never find him misusing his power. Contrary to it, Saitama is shown as a very kind person and giving. Now, this adds another charm to his characteristics besides being popular for his blowing punch at once. 

Garou: The Main Villain And Opponent Of One Punch Man

Although One Punch Man is still in search of an equivalent opponent who could match up to his strength, Garou is not far behind as the main villain. He was banished by his master for causing trouble to his followers. Just like Saitama aims to bring down the evil monsters, Garou believes just the opposite. He wishes to become a mainstream villain who would bash up superheroes and anyone who stands against him. He is very determined to return even after getting a taste of defeats from Saitama. 

Tatsumaki: The Powerful Woman Character In The Series

If you think Saitama or One Punch Man is the only powerful hero portrayed in the series, then you are wrong. In this anime series, there is a powerful female character other than Saitama. She is known as the Terrible Tornado, who brings havoc. Tatsumaki, as her actual identity is a young woman with green-colored curls. She is famous for her psychic blows and is hot-headed. character. She is also one of the members of the Hero Association and is not a villain.


If there is any other character who can prove to be a worthy opponent for One Punch Man, then he is Boros. This villain aims to rule the earth, but when gets into a fight with Saitama, it takes more than one blow to bring him down. So this is an indication that Boros is one of the prominent characters of the series.


Sonic is one of the swift characters in this anime series. He is an excellent ninja warrior who makes the best use of his sword as a fatal weapon to fight with his opponent. 

Expected Premiere Of Season 3

After getting positive feedback from the viewers, now, the level of curiosity has risen for the expectation of One Punch Man season 3 to hit the screens soon. But sorry to say, it is not going to happen in the current year (2020) soon. The first season has already been released much before, and the second season is yet to be completed. So, guys, you need to enhance your patience and have to wait till the premiere of the new season 3 hits the screen, by 2021. But take it as an only guess. No official announcement has been made so far.

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