Anime TV shows have been much popular among worldwide viewers. The storyline and the characters are crafted so well, that it grabs the interest of a person till the end. Today, animation has become one of the major technologies. Up to some extent, it has lowered the readership of comics, as the characters which you have been flipping through pages, can now be seen in the animated version. So naturally, the interest in watching an anime series or a movie based on the comics, will make more impact on the viewers. Made in Abyss, is one such example of the popular TV anime show in Japan. 

This popular dark anime series is inspired by its manga comics version. The first comic series of the same name was initially released around eight years back in October. Later on, when it got published, there came planning for the adaptation of the Manga series into the TV animation series. And then came the beginning of the first season of Made in Abyss in 2017 in July. And surprisingly, it got tremendous success in gaining the maximum viewership. After becoming a huge hit, now fans are curious about the streaming of the second season of the latter anime show. So let us see whether any possibilities are coming up for its follow-up season or not.

Show Details 

TV Series: Made In Abyss
Genre: Adventure, science fiction & dark fantasy
Directed by:  Masayuki Kojima
Written by: Hideyuki Kurata
Place Of Origin: Japan
Music by: Kevin Penkin
Original language: Japanese
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 13

Made in Abyss Season 2 Release Date

Story Plot

The story of Made in Abyss is very captivating. It will keep you engaged and will pump up your interest with more adventures circulating the characters. Coming to its storyline, it is all about a girl who gets orphaned at a very tender age. Her name is Riko. The story takes place in an imaginary place, that lies upon the ground with a big mysterious hole, known to be as Abyss. It lies under the ground. 

There is a big mystery lying underneath Abyss. And that mystery is the remains of a very ancient period. The place has been under the sight of raiders, who don’t want to miss the opportunity to explore the place and grab the fossil and precious things belonging to civilization. But going deep into the Abyss cave is very difficult and challenging. It is because whosoever has made attempts before, never came back, and had no whereabouts. It is said the one who entered underneath the cave suffered from a strange ailment or a virus that would cause death. And the deeper one gets inside, the more harmful the disease becomes. 

The Cursed Abyss

The mysterious place seems to be cursed, due to the impact of a strange ailment, that has devoured lives for many years. But the greed of grasping the precious things, lying in the Abyss cave, still drags the attention of the raiders. They don’t fear away risking their life by getting deep into it. Those having enough potential are given the special title (White Whistle). The one who got this title was none other than the mother of an orphaned girl, Riko. 

Even though she got the title, but disappeared mysteriously, at the time when Riko was a kid. And it was then when Riko landed up in an orphanage. She wants to walk in her mother’s footsteps and is determined to explore the mysterious Abyss cave. On her journey to explore the mysterious cave of Abyss, Riko gets an unusual companion, in the form of Reg, a humanoid robot boy. Soon Reg gets familiar with Riko’s group. 

Very soon, the life of Riko takes an interesting turn. It starts when from the inside depth of Abyss cave, comes up a balloon with a message that belongs to her mother. Through this message, she informs her daughter about where she is laying and is waiting for her to come, and take her out from the cave. After reading the message from her lost mother, Riko becomes determined to take the risk of getting into the cave, to find her. Thus, she greets all her close friends goodbye and gets into the deep world of Abyss cave. 

Knowing About The Characters In Brief

A solid storyline and portrayal of characters in the anime TV show make it worth watching. So let us have a brief introduction to the characters of the Made in Abyss, starting from:


According to the storyline of Made in Abyss, you must have got an idea about the central character, Riko. She gets brought up in an orphanage after she was departed from her parents who were presumed to be dead on their exploration of Abyss, the deep, mysterious cave. Like her father, her mother was also thought of as being no more alive. Riko’s mother had been a holder of the White Whistle title. And she too aims to become a spectacular cave raider like her mother. Initially, she believed that her mother, Lyza, is no more alive, but coming off the balloon from the Abyss cave made her realize that she is alive, and is calling her from the deep insights of the cave. And then her journey begins to search for her mother. 

Humanoid Bot, Reg

Reg is a humanoid robot discovered by Riko, who adopts him. Even though he is a robot, he appears to be a young boy. Coming to its power, he is efficient enough to combat the curse of the Abyss cave. He does have some emotions like shying and crying like a human being. Now, this makes a unique pair of him with Riko. 

Release Of Made In Abyss Second Season

The first season of Made in Abyss had been a hit among its viewers. And now, curious eyes are waiting to see the release of the second season. Sadly, it is not going to happen in the current year, as the project is underway. It might get released in the next year (2021). So, guys, you need to wait. 

International Dubbing

Made in Abyss is an anime TV show from Japan. But the good part is you can understand the story with English subtitles, as it is for the audience, at the international level. And English as you is the most commonly spoken language.

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