If you love watching American comedy shows, then better experience a fantastic black comedy TV series, Happy. The show is based on a comic book series of similar name created by a noted comic expert, Grant Morrison. Streaming of Happy crime TV series is on the network, Syfy. The story revolves around a character who becomes a hitman from a detective and is wounded. He makes a friendship with a fictional character, and a friend of a girl, who is abducted.

Show Details


TV Series: Happy
Genre: Dark comedy, action, thriller, drama
Created by:  Grant Morrison & Darick Robertson
Based on: Happy comic book series
Place Of Origin: United States
Main Cast: Christopher Meloni, Lili Mirojnick and others
Original language: English & Spanish
Number of seasons: 2
Number of episodes: 18

Happy Season 3 Release Date

Brief About Happy

Happy is America’s newbie successful dark comedy show that aired for two years from December to January. After watching its initial episodes in the first season, it got much applause from its viewers. It also made TV critics impressed by its wonderful storyline and portrayal of characters. This led to the demand for another follow up from its network, Syfy. And it did come true, with the premiere of the second season in the last year in March. And to the surprise, it fared better than its previous part in terms of reviews. Now, there is so much excitement among its watchers, who are unable to hold on to their patience to wait for season 3. So let us find out whether it is going to take place soon or not.

Story Plot

Happy, the dark comedy series has a very interesting storyline which will keep you engaged for sure. The story revolves around the character Nick, who had a very bad experience working as a detective in a police department. Not getting the respect he wished to deserve, Nick, develops the habit of drinking alcohol daily and becomes detached from society. To meet his financial needs, he opts to become a hitman. The callous attitude towards life proves costly for Nick when he experiences severe heart pain. 

When his health improves, it is then he gets introduced to Happy, a winged character in blue color. He introduces himself as a fictional companion of the abducted girl, named Hailey. Happy lets Nick know about the girl, who happens to be his alienated daughter. He induces him to take initiative in saving her life or to continue with his alcoholic consumption. There is one bad habit of Nick, which is he does not trust people and is critical of them. He even does not get convinced with Happy and his revelation of fact in the beginning. But somehow, he acknowledges Happy advice and decides to save his estranged daughter.

Character Artists

Happy, the black comedy series has been inspired by the comic book series of the same name. The series has a long list of actors who are playing their part of roles in it. The actor in the main lead is Christopher Meloni, who is essaying the role of a hitman before being a detective. The character’s name is Nick Sax, and he is a heavy drunkard and seems to be suspicious. Another leading character, on which the title of the black comedy is based is a bluish winged unicorn, Happy. The voice-over artist for this character is Patton Oswalt. 

Other than leading characters, other actors are also playing other interesting characters in this black comedy, action, drama series. One of the characters in this series is Fransisco, a rich chief involved in criminal activities. The actor who plays this character is Ritchie Coster. Including more other prominent characters is Mr. Blue. A businessman who deals in importing wine. Another interesting character is an experienced detective, with a shady past. Since Nick is a family man, he is joined by his wife, played by Medina as Amanda Hansen, and daughter Hailey, played by Bryce Lorenzo. 

The Psychopath Villain

No movie or a TV series seems worth watching unless there is a villain in it. So yes, in Happy, you will find a villainous character in the form of Santa Claus, played by Reitman. Now, don’t think he is going to come on the sleigh driven by reindeer, and bringing ample gifts for the children. He is not that Santa of Christmas. Rather, he is a psychopath, who portrays himself in the costume of a popular Christmas character, and abducts kids. So now, you’ve got a brief introduction about the actors and the roles that they are playing in the series. 

I would like to add one more surprise that will make you interested in watching the Happy series. If you have been a fan of watching the WWE fights, then you must be familiar with the tall, chubby wrestler, Big Show. Who can forget his unique chokeslam fight style that he used to bring his opponent wrestler down? Now, you will wonder, why I am mentioning this world-famed WWE wrestler. Well, it is because he also plays an important role as the Big Pink character in the Happy series. You will love all these characters if you watch Happy, the black comedy TV series from the beginning. 


As mentioned in the story plot, the first season emphasizes Nick and his search for daughter, Hailey, with the help of Happy. He faces many hardships in finding her. And somehow at the end of the first season, Nick finally succeeds in catching the cruel Santa Claus, a psychopath, who abducted Hailey. Finally, she gets saved from his evil tricks, which he was supposed to be playing on her.

In the second season, Nick is shown in making efforts to lead a good life, and he is helped by Happy. But unfortunately, Nick fails in it, and once again gets into the world of crime. Till now, there has been no ending of this season, still, viewers want to know about what will happen in the next.

Hope For Happy Season 3

If you are getting too excited for the Happy season 3, then sorry to say, there are no signs of its release. Last year, the network on which this dark comedy series is aired, indicated no further follow-up of this show. It is said that the viewership of the show has reduced, prompting Syfy for its cancellation. But never mind, there might be some other networks who can initiate in streaming Happy follow-up seasons. Till now, no official announcement of the latest season, so far.

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