If you want to come out from the confined choices of Marvel and DC cartoon series, then the Overlord anime TV show from Japan can prove the best alternative for it. The animated series has been inspired by the novel sharing a similar title. In fact, before the launching of the anime series, it was the novel series that gained much attention when it was published eight years ago in July. And then, later on, it got adapted into a Manga series, to cheer the novel fans. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Overlord
Genre: Animation
Written by:  Kugane Maruyama
Illustrated by: So-Bin
Place Of Origin: Japan
Main Cast: Yumi Hara, Satoshi Hino & More
Original language: Japanese
Network: Netflix
Initial release: 7th July, 2015

Overlord Season 4 Release Date

More About The Hit Anime Show ‘ Overlord’

The animated show made its debut launch five years back on 7th July. It all started when Madhouse, the anime studio came up with the plan of adaptation from novel series to animated series. And so it began with its first season, on the mentioned date. To the expectation, the animated series of Overlord too got a thumbs-up response from its fans. This paved the release of its second season. Not only the TV anime show, but Overlord has also entertained its fans through its two movie versions. They all came during 2017 on two follow up months (February and March). 

Getting so much appreciation from the fans, the Overlord anime series engaged the interest of its viewers with its two follow-up seasons (2nd & 3rd) from January to July. And now, all curious eyes are set upon the release of the new season which is fourth from the previous two. Let us know much about it. 

Premiere Of Overlord Season 4

The premier of the Overlord Season third had already hit the screens from July to October, two years back. Ever since there has been much curiosity among the viewers to expect the following fourth season to hit the screens soon. But till now, no official confirmation has been made so far. So no need to feel excited as of now.

Well, there are some valid reasons for it. There is not much time gone, in the release of the premiere of the Overlord last season. There is much time remaining. Another reason is the publishing of novel and manga series, up till. So there is a plethora of source material for the follow-up season. One more thing is the fame of the Overlord series from previous seasons has grabbed much interest around the world including Japan. Many different versions of this anime show have been released so far including movies. 

Because of all these factors, it is indeed a possible indication for the release of the Overlord’s fourth season. If I had to guess, then we might see the premiere in the end week of the current year and or the next year (2021). But treat it as the only guess, as there has been no confirmation from the side of its makers. Whenever it will happen, the trailer of the Overlord new season will hit your screens.

Language Dubbing

Since the show has become much popular among its Japanese fans and overseas, so definitely, there is a need for language dubbing, so that those who understand English can understand what is being portrayed in the anime show by the characters. English is the most common language that can be dubbed to gain more viewership. Even in India, many love watching anime shows on their television screens. And to cheer you up, the dubbing from Japanese to the English language is surely going to take place. All this is done to gain more and more fan following, internationally. 

Plot Of Overlord Season Four

Akin to many anime series, Overlord seeks to fade the connectivity between the two realities (actual and practical). It surrounds the latter reality influencing life. The anime show will reveal characters like Momonga, and others. Now, it won’t be fair to spill the beans of the story plot, as it would end the curiosity while watching. But let me give you some hint of course. In the fourth season, one of the main characters, Momonga, will send an invitation to the members to attack in the game sphere. But to his surprise, no one takes his invitation seriously. 

There is only one who pays heed and leaves after staying for some time. Seeing such kind of ignorance from the members, Momonga gets serious. He then takes a firm stand to be in the game until servers stop functioning. He gets another shock when he finds that despite the non-functioning of servers, there is no end to the game. 

He feels cheated in the game when he experiences that he is no longer able to execute playing operations like messaging. Also, he is unable to find a way to log out. All these multiple problems make Momonga realize that he is being fooled. Now, how he will get out from this problem is what you have to see in the upcoming season 4 of Overlord. If you have never watched any of its seasons, then better watch it. This will help you in knowing each character including Momonga. The other option is reading a novel of the same name.

Story Ahead

By the time you flip on the novel or watch previous seasons, let me briefly introduce you to the mainstream character, Momonga. He is the main lead character in the Overlord anime series. He is the owner of his guild and has members joining him. He does not take anything lightly and believes in assassinating his foes so that no mistake is left from his side, which would make him repent later. Even though he is shown as a selfish person, still, there is a positive side to Momonga. And it is his softness for friends. He keeps his part of loyalty towards them. 

So now I have given you a brief hint by spilling some of the events Momonga is going to face in the new season of Overlord. And on the other, I gave you a brief insight into his dual character. He is cunning and remorseless for his enemies, but at the same time, he keeps a positive attitude for his friends.

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