Sister Wives has been the longest-running reality Tv show on TLC. This reality show’s debut was on 26th October 2010, and up to now, there are fourteen seasons with 167 episodes. Season fourteen of Sister Wives premiered in January to April of 2020. Currently, many fans are waiting for its fifteenth season.

Will Season 15 be there? Who will be on season 15? Continue reading to know these and much more about Sister Wives.

Sister Wives

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What is the Release Date of Sister Wives Season 15?

This reality show has the most significant number of fans on social media, and since its premiere date, it has been receiving positive ratings. That being the case, fans are eagerly waiting for the fifteenth season. Will it be there? And when is the release date? That’s the question many fans are asking themselves.

So, if you are a fan of Sister Wives, season 15 is coming. But for your information, it will not premier in January as it’s custom. This is due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected its production.

According to reports, its season 15 will air later in 2021, but rumors expect its release in April 2021.

Note: The reality show producers haven’t said the exact release date.

The Plot

Sister Wives is about The Brown (polygamist) family. Kody Brown has married four wives, namely Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. Kody and his wives have eighteen children. This family was first living in Utah but later moved to Las Vegas.

Season one was all about how Kody was courting and later married Robyn, his fourth wife. Robyn had three children Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna. Before marrying Robyn, Kody was legally married to Meri. However, they divorced in 2014, the same year he married Robyn.

Kody is now on spiritual marriage with Meri (30 years), Janelle (27 years), and Christine(26 years). Mariah was the daughter of Kody and Meri. Logan, Hunter, Garrison, and Gabriel are children of Kody and Janelle.

Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, Truely, and Paedon are Christine’s children. Robyn had three children from her previous marriage, who are currently legally adopted children of Kody. However, Kody and Robyn have two children together, Solomon and Ariella.

What to Expect in Season 15?

According to fans, season 14 was not according to the script; thus, it had mixed reviews. This made some of the fans term it has a dull season. However, due to their undying support, they expect a fascinating show in season 15.

Will it happen as they expect? Let’s wait and see but what you should expect are the same plot and cast members.

Sister Wives Production

This reality Tv show’s executive producers are Timothy Gibbons, Bill Hayes, Christopher Poole, and Kirk Streb. Deanie Wilcher is the show’s producer. The first season that’s from 2010 and 2011 had this show’s production in Lehi, Utah. There was a change in location from 2011 to 2018, having the production done in Las Vegas, Nevada. Each episode runtime is forty-two minutes.

Where Does This Show Air?

Since the first season, Sister Wives airs on TLC. That won’t change any soon as TLC has already confirmed that the fifteenth season production is underway.

How Many Viewers Does the Sister Wives Have?

Even though some viewers said that season fourteen was dull, it had the highest number of viewers as per ratings. The Sun reported that over 1.7 million people were tuned in season fourteen’s premier, and by the last episode, more than 2.3 million viewers watched this show.  This made it the most-watched, unlike season thirteen, which has only 1.4 million viewers.

Did Christine Confirm Season 15?

Kody’s wives Meri and Janelle, haven’t been active on their social media accounts posting pictures about the show. Christine has been active on Facebook due to her promoting her apparel, “LuLaRoe fashions.”

However, fans have also been asking her if season fifteen will be airing. This is after the fan wanted to know about her daughter’s (Ysabel) scoliosis condition. Christine didn’t directly answer the fan by replying that she cannot talk about it due to the NDA she has with TCL. This means that preparations are underway, and season 15 will be premiering.

Where are Kody and Robyn?

Robyn is the fourth wife of Kody, and it’s highly likely they are spending more time together more so during this pandemic season.

Is Stress Taking a Tall on Kody?

The pandemic has hit everyone had, and Kody is not left behind. According to Soap Dirt, Kody has said that he cannot sleep due to stress. In a picture from the source, we see that Kody might be having difficult times.

Kody Brown Sister Wives

A Photo of Kody during the Pandemic

Wrap Up

Everyone is keenly waiting for Sister Wives season 15. But to our knowledge, it’s not officially confirmed. As per rumors online, the fifteenth season is not far away. If there will be any updates about this reality show, be sure we will update you. Thank you.

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