Van Helsing Season 5 is just right around the corner waiting to be broadcasted on your screens! Fans have waited for a long time to see the fifth and final season of the highest-grossing fantasy horror drama television series, Van Helsing.

With the show’s final run, vampire apocalypse enthusiasts from all around the world are having high expectations of how the series would unfold. 

Here’s everything we know so far about the long-running fantasy vampire series, Van Helsing Season Finale.

Van Helsing Television Series

Van Helsing is set in the post-apocalyptic fantasy world that has been taken over by vampires three years after the eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera had caused the world to face oblivion. Vanessa Van Helsing, the main protagonist of the series is a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing, a vampire hunter and the archenemy of Count Dracula.

Vanessa Helsing is highly regarded as humanity’s last hope as her blood can turn back vampires into humans. For such reasons, Vanessa Van Helsing then became the prime target of underground vampires.

The second season of the series continued to unravel the mysteries around The Rising, lost alliances, the Van Helsing Heritages, along with the hope of saving humankind.  Followed by the third season where Vanessa Helsing continues to thrive for survival and fighting against the forces of darkness to avoid the Dark One from being resurrected.

Season four started as a fresh start of Vanessa vowing to fight darkness and keeping The Dark One from resurrecting. Thinking that she is all alone, the story’s lead role continued with her mission and fought alongside two vampire hunters, Violet and Jack who are both the highlight of the season.

The fourth season ended with multiple questions and cliffhangers for fans where Dracula successfully escapes from the Dark Realm and entering the real world.

With all that unraveling from the first season to the recent one, it is expected that fans will be having the answers to their questions in season five and that the long-running television series will give closure and justice to both humankind and the Van Helsing heritage.

Van Helsing Cast and Characters

The Van Helsing Television series revolves around the story of Vanessa Van Helsing, a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing who is set on a mission in saving humanity. Vanessa Van Helsing is portrayed by the powerful actress, Kelly Overton.

Another notable main cast is Jonathan Scarfe’s character, Alex Miller who carries an unwavering duty to serve and be loyal in protecting Vanessa Van Helsing. He is also a soldier dedicated to cleansing the world from vampires.

One of the main antagonists in the series is Christopher Heyerdahl as Samuel “Sam”, a serial killer vampire who played a friend to Vanessa and the pack which was layered discovered to be a serial killer haunting survivors. Soon enough, he became a feral vampire and vowed to take revenge on Vanessa for leaving him in cold blood.

Some other characters that are set to return for the finale season include Vincent Gale as Flesh, a vampire, Rukiya Bernard as Sarah “Doc” Carol, a doctor, scientist, and someone saved by Vanessa, Aleks Paunovic as Julius, Caroline Cave as Jolene, Keeya King as Violet, Nicole Munoz as Jack, Tricia Helfer as Dracula, and so much more.

The Finale season is also welcoming additional members that could help clear out the mysteries left unsolved along the end.

Van Helsing Production

Van Helsing season 1 aired on September 23, 2016, with 13 episodes ending on December 9 in the same year. After the success of the first season, Van Helsing was renewed for another season with another 13 episodes which ran from October 2017 to January 2018. The second season continued to be a critically acclaimed series which resulted in another Van Helsing renewal. Van Helsing season three premiered with another shopping 13 episodes.

In its recent season, Van Helsing season four was hailed with positive feedback and exciting expectations coming from vampire enthusiasts around the globe.

Van Helsing Awards and Nominations

Van Helsing has been critically acclaimed since its first season release. Over time, the television series has not only harbors fans from around the world but was also able to garner nominations and awards. 

The series was nominated eight times for Leo Awards in 2017 and won one Leo Award for Best Lead Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series.


Van Helsing Season 5 Release Date

With the hype of waiting for the season finale of the Van Helsing series, the final run is set to premiere in late fall or early winter at around November or December 2021. The season’s production was delayed due to the global pandemic outbreak. 

However, the production team already confirmed its renewal for the final season which only left many fans theorize about what to expect in the forthcoming season. This includes the comeback of the lead role of the series Vanessa Van Helsing after disappearing into the Dark Realm.

As fans from around the globe are waiting and anticipating the fifth season of the series, Syfy has yet released any official statement regarding the franchise. We are also hoping to hear some new updates soon.

Apart from that, Van Helsing season five is also expected to run for 13 episodes which will highlight the fight between vampires versus humans for survival as well as the return of Kelly Overton who had only a few screentime in season 4 due to her pregnancy. 

Stay tuned in this section as we will be posting news updates on the release date of the Van Helsing Season Finale along with its Official Trailer below.

Van Helsing Season 5 Official Trailer

Van Helsing Season 5 official trailer is not yet out. However, you may check some clips from the previous seasons to be updated on what is about to happen in the forthcoming season.

Furthermore, Van Helsing Series is readily available on Netflix in which the season finale is also expected to premiere in the near future.

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