When you decide to rent a home, there are plenty of things which can go wrong. The list of errors all tenants make is long in the winter. And while it is successful to blunder into stuff on your own, it is still easier to learn from the mistakes of other people.

The one of the biggest mistakes noted is when a person doesn’t consider a rental agreement. How hard is it? Nowadays you can easily get a free basic rental agreement, all you need is to contact a legally authorised person for the same.

We have prepared a list of things which highlights where people go wrong:

Rental Agreement

Having an unsettled career

It could look like a warning sign to your potential landlord if you’re being seen as someone who changes his/her job often. Lack of consistency can give him second thoughts on this since it indicates that your income is not sufficiently stable.

Chances are that one day you will have a transitory time with no steady source of income if you change jobs too much.This may have a negative effect on the judgement of your landlord.

Not paying in time for the bills

Your landlord would not be delighted to find out about any issues with your credit history. All problems will be revealed during the tenant screening process, such as outstanding speeding tickets, delinquent loans or credit lines.

Do your best to settle all debts before submitting your requests for a new accommodation if you don’t want your credit history to destroy your entire application.

Not considering rental prices

It is said that the cost of things is as much as we are willing to pay for them. This pretty much explains why identical quality properties may have a large price difference even though they are located in the same neighbourhood. You should spend some time analysing prices for similar properties if you want to rent your home at a fair market price.

Looking for a house that is unaffordable

In order to aim for the best but remain fair, there is a rule of thumb. Though millions of Americans report spending half their rental income, it is highly recommended that you earn at least 2.5 times more than your monthly rent. Two issues are associated with searching for apartments outside your budget. Next, it is possible that your landlord will reject your proposal.

Having a verbal arrangement

It’s better to be safe than sorry, they say. Trusting your landlord is perfectly okay, but that doesn’t mean you can miss signing a rental agreement. The reality is that a verbal contract is hard to prove, and if your landlord does not like to keep promises, it may be a problem. Having the contract in writing will avoid confusion between the two of you.

Not reading the rental contract

You can get into considerable trouble by signing a rental agreement without ever reading it. Before starting to use Internet apps, you should realise that this contract is more important than those digital agreements you e-sign.

Though ticking the ‘I agree’ button without even a brief look at the text is appropriate, it is highly inadvisable to behave the same way with rental agreements. Before leaving your signature, if you fail to read the entire text, you’d better get ready for surprises. Your security deposit, the price of monthly rent, and so on may be unforeseen stuff.

Not demanding on time for changes to the rental agreement

Hope you’ve seriously taken our previous piece of advice and read your rental agreement from cover to cover. It’s fairly easy and immensely important what you need to do next. Ask yourself the following questions: Am I really feeling good about every point in this paper?

Do all the terms and conditions specified in the contract relate to my lifestyle? Is there anything I’d like to alter, really? Don’t be afraid to say it out loud if something in the contract sounds wrong. Bear in mind that contracts are intended to be helpful to one another.

Not calling for copies of documents

The value of maintaining your rental agreement and moving-in checklist can not be emphasized enough. While the first document may be used as a reference to the rights and duties of your tenant, the second one is the only documentation of how the property appeared before you moved in. It can be difficult to obtain your security deposit back if you fail to hold the copies, should any complications arise.

You can contact a legally authorised real estate advisor or consultant to ask for more details for a free rental agreement. Don’t be worried about expenses as most of them are free printable basic rental agreement. But it is very important to contact one of those for a totally free printable lease agreement.

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