Not many companies garner the same admiration and respect as Dyson does. This brand may not be as flashy as some modern technology companies in Silicon Valley, but their modernly elegant products speak for themselves.

Mostly known for bagless vacuum cleaners, they’ve recently expanded into other areas such as air treatment, hair care, lighting, and hand driers for businesses.

The founder of this company is none other than James Dyson, a British product design engineer. Read further for additional details about him and some information about his company.

Background and Overview of Dyson

Before this brand was even a company, it all started with frustration that the engineer’s new vacuum cleaner would lose suction over time due to dust clogging.

While the solution wasn’t apparent, he eventually figured it out when designing a cyclone for production at his factory. It turns out he could scale down the design for a home vacuum cleaner and remove the need for a bag, preventing any clogging or loss of suction.

In contrast with most other organizations, this company prefers to innovate from a product aspect rather than a financial one. Instead of a businessman, this company was founded by an entrepreneurial engineer that had a vision for easy-to-use home appliances, particularly with vacuum cleaners.

He saw a problem, and instead of living with it, he went on to try and fix it. That’s a common theme with other entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Richard Branson.

After some time developing different prototypes, this company made their money licensing the bagless vacuum designs to other companies. Before they had a complete manufacturing process, the designs were the most valuable aspect of the organization.

These were so well-made that they even won awards, such as winning in Japan at their International Design Fair. Eventually, the organization went on to create its own branded products.

Besides developing great designs that people admire, Dyson also fosters engineering and creativity through various schools and educational programs. One example is a robotics lab created alongside Imperial College London for household robots. Although there isn’t a robotic vacuum from this brand, perhaps there will be one day. Other ventures include various funding for different collegiate academic programs.

In Conclusion

It’s not difficult to understand that the Dyson brand is more than an organization that sells great home appliances. They actually care about all aspects of what they create and sell, including the look, feel, and how they’re used. This mindset is also part of the organization’s core, allowing for as much creativity and innovation as possible while providing the best for consumers. They’re also one of the best when it comes to efficiency.

 Dyson brand is more than an organization

While it can be hard to find this brand on sale sometimes, updates of Dyson promotion in Singapore are usually with a reputable online retailer. As long as you find one that’s trustworthy among other consumers, create an account so the retailer can update you on what’s happening with the products that they offer. Even if it’s a small discount, you’re getting a good deal with these products.

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