V wars is an American horror drama series that debuted in 2019 founded by Jonathan Maberry in the eponymous anthology and a comic book. It is first debuted on 5th Dec 2019 on Netflix, consisting of 10 episodes, each streaming for 37-57 minutes.

On March 30th, 2020, it was canceled after its first season by Netflix and did not offer any explanation. Ted Adams, Thomas Walden, James brad turner, and Erick Birnberg were included as executive producers.

In June 2018, the principal photography that began in Sudbury and Cambridge ended. Later in October 2018, it wrapped in Ontario, Canada, Toronto.

From April 2014 to March 2015 was released in 11 parts by the IDW in a comic series.

Is the V Wars season 2 Released/canceled?

The series received mixed reactions from viewers, and it received an average rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

According to the storyline, the v wars series received a lot of mixed reviews according to character development, and a mixture of characters who are unrelated to the series according to the storyline says Andrew dex from starburst. Also, Stephanie archer from film inquiry noted that the series left the audience with a lot of suspense and much to be expected.

Vincent schilling of Indian country today also praised the character played by Somerhalder. Dustin Rowles of pajiba, on the other hand, criticized the series claiming it had poor content and lacked humor.

v wars

v wars

The Spanish language magazine, espinof by Mikel zorilla, said the series lacked uniqueness to stand out despite the series having great content. Netflix released the official trailer of the v wars series on November 19, 2019.

Netflix first announced the premiering on April 16th, 2018, releasing ten episodes for the first season. William Laurin and Glenn Davis were the content creators.

High Park and IDW entertainment were the production companies involved in producing the series. The V Wars series was canceled after the first season meaning there will be no more seasons.

So as a show or series to be renewed for another season, Netflix usually looks at the number of viewers and the financial cost of the cost before deciding.


There is no official trailer yet though the series is expected after a year after the first season’s release.


V wars are about Dr.Luther Swann and his close friend, dr. Michael Fayne is a scientist. They come together to fight an outbreak of a deadly disease released from ice due to climate change that changes his best friend into a bloodthirsty predator that feeds on blood after being infected. The virus might bring the war in the future between humans and vampires. Humans turn into vampires due to a virus released from ice due to climate change. Prion is the agent virus, an old infectious disease that turns humans into vampires.

Vampires are humans turned into predators who feed on human blood when they are hungry.

There is a conflict between the scientist and another group of the vampire side called the blood, which is against them, the blood teams up with yet another group, the anti-blood senator, to fight dr. Luther and his friend against preventing the future war between humans and the vampire. The disease spreads as more people are turned into vampires putting ordinary people at risk.

The cast of V Wars Season 2

There has been no dropping or addition of main characters; characters remain the same though other characters might be added in the second season.

The main characters were:

Ian Somerhalder is the scientist fighting against the virus that might cause future war between humans and vampires by the name dr. Luther Swann. is also among the producers and directed an episode of the series once.

Adrian holmes as dr. luther’s best friend who is helping him in the fight against the virus by the name Michael Fayne

Laura Vandervoort. was turned into a vampire unwillingly by her sister and joined the anti-blood group and fights against the dangerous and destructive vampires.she stars as mila dubov

Kimberly-sue Murray. She is Mila’s sister; she turned her into a vampire unwillingly stars as Danika Dubov.

Sydney Meyer. Played the role of ava O’Malley

Michael grey eyes stars as jimmy saint

Jacky L. played the role of Kaylee vo

  1. Breitkopf stars as desmond Swann fondly known as “de.”

Peter Outerbridge is among the people who are against the discoveries about the virus. stars as Calix Miklos

Kandyse McClure, who stars as claire O’Hagan.


The series ended with a lot of suspense, making the viewers want to know what happens next season. Despite the series being canceled, it had many audiences, and viewers are still hoping to renew the second season.

Generally, the first season received good reviews right after its first season was released, resulting in high expectations from viewers for a second season despite being canceled after the first season by Netflix.

It is an excellent series to keep you glued all through the series.


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