Kissing Game TV series is a thriller drama show written and created by Esmir Filho for Netflix and Juliana Rojas. The original language during the filming is Portuguese shot in Brazil. Kissing Game was released on Netflix in July 2020, and it is based on a very thrilling plot. 

The series focused on a girl who woke up having a slight hangover the following day and realized that a virus had contacted her via her mouth. Additionally, the teenagers in the area lived with the panic of the virus and the dismay that there will be discovering their secret. Kissing Game has become a thrilling series that many fans have anticipated, and it is expected to resume in July 2021. 

According to sources, the entire film was filmed in Goias, a municipality in the Brazilian state of Goias. Besides the creators and scriptwriters of the show, some of the producers took part in running the show, such as Caio Gullane, Thereza, and Fernando. 

kissing game 2

kissing game 2

Is the Kissing Game Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?

The kissing game series will continue consisting of 6 episodes that will start aired by Netflix in July 2021.  This renewal is due to the anticipation and anxiety of the release of the new season. However, in the renewed season, the cast will remain the same for most of them since its plot of the previous season had a lot of suspense, and it needed the same characters to fill up. 

Release Date for Kissing Game Season 2

There is no doubt that most fans across the globe await the release of season two of the thrilling TV series. However, the series has not been canceled. It is worth noting that the series renews back on Netflix screens on July 16, 2021. Since the date has been communicated from the showrunners and the whole crew, it is recommended that fans need to stay in touch till its release. 

The TV show will proceed for the second season having 6 episodes in it, and many fans are happy it is renewed since its storyline and plot left huge suspense. 

The Cast of the Season

Although it would have been hard to tell who will be the new season’s characters, it is notable that the series has several characters, with each having a unique role to play and make the thrilling series interesting as it is. 

However, it is notable that there is a high chance that all characters featuring the new season will recur from the previous one. Predictably, every fan has a favorite character, and it would be exciting to know each character is featured in the new season. 

Some of the major characters we should expect include Caio H. as Alex Nero, IZa M. as Fran and Michel J. as Chico alongside, Thomas Aquino as Maurillo, Esther Tinman played the role of Manu, Dennis Fraga as Guiomar Araujo. 

The plot of the Kissing Game Series Season 2

As much as season two is yet to be released, there are various expectations from the fans as to the flow and twist of the events in the series. These expectations result from the flow of events in the previous season and individual fun comprehension, understanding, and interpretation. Presumably, the new season will proceed on from where it stopped. The series majorly discussed how adolescents are threatened by the outbreak of contagious infection transmitted by kissing in a Brazilian town. This made them live in fear that someone might reveal the secret. 

What is expected in Season 2 of The Kissing Game is that Alex will try to find his way back to Manu and have high expectations that Frank will emerge as a true society leader who will have to make hectic decisions. 

Additionally, what to expect in season 2 is that social media will play a major role as teenagers will become more paranoid after the second wave of the disease emerges. Season 1 gave the audience thrilling touch and suspense as Fran buried her past and persuaded his sister’s Aline death from years before. 


The Kissing Game has become one of the popular shows under Netflix since it has the same setting as Elite, making it one of the most viewed shows on Netflix. It has received great reviews from its viewers and critics as well.

It managed to win the hearts of many people with the release of the first season since its genre was so captivating; thriller drama. So many people are looking forward to the second season’s release since it left lots of suspense which will not take long to be released. 

The show has received a 6.4 out of 10, which means it was a great show indeed. Going through some reviews, most of the viewers said it is very artsy, and the cast is unique, not forgetting the acting. It was a great engaging, profound series that made it being loved by the audience. Looking forward to the release of the next season. 

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