Author Geoff Johns, artist Gary Frank, colorist Brad Anderson, and letterer Rob Leigh teamed up to produce Geiger.

This action meets sci-fi meets drama provoked a lot of attention, especially after the popularity of the Stargirl show. Here’s more information about this recent release and how it actually is.


Johns originally called him the Atomic Cowboy. Characters call him many names, from Joe Glow to the Glowing Man. Whatever you call him, Geiger is the legend who can survive in the post-atomic world without a radiation suit.

Twenty years earlier, the legend was just a man named Tariq. Now, the story strives to answer a lot of questions.

For starters, how can Geiger survive without a suit? Readers will also go on to endure the suspense of whether or not he will ever see his family again. Plus, you’ll get to see what the post-atomic world looks like through the eyes of these creators.


Johns is perhaps one of the best comic book writers out there. Aside from being a great storyteller, he can figure out exactly what makes a character work and expand upon that idea.

However, amid accusations of racial insensitivity and bullying made against projects he’s worked on in the past, he decided to branch out and create a new story.

This made his writing for Geiger very high profile. After all, it is a time for him to separate himself from his past work. However, many people cannot distinguish between Johns and his past work. Those who do appreciate the phenomenal writing that Johns put into Geiger. 


The biggest problem that people have with Geiger is that the content is not new. It’s got everything you’ve seen before, including the post-apocalyptic world, few survivors, divided groups, a cruel tyrant, roving raiders, and a legendary hero. But, unfortunately, for many, this is not enough to catch their attention.

However, what makes the comic good is that it takes this well-worn material and refreshes it. It’s kind of like they took a list of everything for a post-atomic story and checked it off as they wrote. This makes the story seem like a bit of comfort food for those who love the post-atomic world. It works for many, but not everyone.


On the other hand, art makes the story. The most breathtaking scenes are those that have Tariq running across the wasteland as a glowing green skeleton. While the art has some superhero vibes, it also is completely different.

The art really plays up to the tragedy of the story. It shows the loneliness that Geiger experiences as he lives alone with his wolf outside the fallout shelter, dreaming of the day that he will see his family again. Basically, the art is what gives this comic substance.

Many people claim that this is just a foolish project scrapping the bottom of the creative barrel. However, the familiarity and freshness of this comic give readers something to look forward to. Plus, the art is outstanding and makes the comic worth the read.

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