Kobayashi Maid Dragon is a Japanese e fantasy comedy series created and directed by coolkyousinnjya. It is an adaptation series by Kyoto animation. Seven seas entertainment in North America licensed the series. The series streamed in Japan between January and April 2017, the series.

In July 2021, a second season was debuted by the title “Miss Kobayashi’s dragon maids.

Is the season released or canceled?

On 12th February 2019, a second season was released with eight episodes from the manga. After the death of the lead director, Takemoto, its status was later unknown.

Release date of Kobayashi Maid Dragon Season 2

There is no official trailer of the season yet, but the series will be renewed for a second season.no official date for the release of the series but hoping it will be resumed soon for a second season. 

Kobayashi Maid Dragon 2

Kobayashi Maid Dragon 2

The Plot of Kobayashi Maid Dragon Season 2

The series revolves around a young girl Kobayashi who is a programmer by profession; she lived alone in an apartment, one morning; she gets ready to go to work when she finds a dragon at her doorstep by the name Tohru she turns out to be the dragon that she helped the previous night by removing a sword on its back, she transforms into an outfit who transforms into a girl in a maid’s outfit.

Previously, when Kobayashi had gone out with her friends, she had come across the dragon, which claimed it came from another world. that night, Kobayashi had rescued the dragon by removing a sword from his back and making the dragon trust her. The dragon did not have a place to live, and Kobayashi offered her an agreement that Tohru, the dragon will be helping her out with housework.

More About the Plot:

Tohru’s presence brings other dragons to Kobayashi’s apartment, like Kanna, who wanted Kobayashi to return her to their planet. It turns out that you had been banished from their earth and found solace at Kobayashi’s house. Finally, Tohru and Kanna decide to live in the human world, and Kobayashi regarded them as her family since they lived together.

Tohru does not trust human and thinks that humans are very unintelligent and lacks knowledge. Still, after Kobayashi saved her, she changed her perspective about humans and tried being good and reciprocating Kobayashi’s kindness.

The cast

The main characters of the series include:

Leah Clark stars as Kobayashi, and she is a programmer by profession; she saves a dragon by removing a sword on its back the previous night after a night out with friends. She is very calm and kind-hearted but gets very rough when drunk, mostly regarded as a tomboy due to no physical appearance of a girl, especially her chest. Later she starts developing feelings for tohru in the final season, and they start dating.

Sarah wiedenheft stars as tohru,the female dragon tha t kobayashi saved during her night out.Tohru. She comes from another world and can change her appearance from dragon to human with magic. When transforming into a human, she usually retains her horns and sometimes the tails. On one occasion, tohru cooked her tail for Kobayashi, indicating her love for her.

Jad Saxton stars as Kanna Kamui, Kanna Tohru’s friend who was also banished from the planet because of joking a lot with other dragons. she is ancient according to the dragons time age but appears very young in the human form; she ends up living together with Kobayashi and Tohru but wants her and Tohru to return to their world thinking that Kobayashi enticed tohru into staying. She goings school and uses Kobayashi’s name as a surname and considered her a mother. In her dragon form, she can restore her energy with the use of electricity.

More About Casts of Kobayashi Maid Dragon

Rachel glass stars as Elma (dragon), a water dragon and, she is an enemy to the Tohru’s clan. After being stuck in the human form, she is described as greedy with food, especially sweets, due to low income. she has purple hair and a horn which she hides.

Jamie Marchi stars as Lucia. She is a dragon goddess in the Aztec world; Tohru considers her a role model; she was banished from her kingdom after getting into a fight with her sister, leading to her losing her dignity as a goddess due to embarrassment.

Lucia lives with shouta after making him believe that she is a succubus after distracting him from performing the magic of summoning a dangerous dragon. She is tall in her human physic, tends to wear skimpy dresses that show a lot of skin.

Garret storms stars as Fafnir, Tohru’s friend from his world who does not trust humans. He is described as a promising young man with red hair and long black hair in his human physic. he is obsessed with video games and finally gets a place to stay by living with fanfir.


Generally, Kobayashi maid dragon is considered a good series; it received a good rating from the audience, and the viewers are expecting a second release of the series.

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