Happy endings is an American TV comedy that was aired from April 13th to 3rd May on ABC Studios. David Case was the content creator of the series alongside Jonathan Groff.

After three seasons, the series was canceled by ABC on 10th May 2013, but sony tv started hawking around the show on other tv stations because the audience was still interested in the show even after it was canceled.

On June 1st, 2021 happy endings series was first introduced to Netflix.

Is Happy Endings season 4 released or canceled?

The series first season was first debuted on 13th April 201ii on ABC and ended on 25th May.

Happy Endings

Happy Endings

On September 28th, 2011, the second season was renewed with 22 episodes and ended on 4th April, 2012.

The series was renewed for a second time on 13th May 2011, which debuted on 28th September 2011; the series later received an addition of 6 scripts from ABC on 13th October 2011.

More on Renewal Status:

On 23rd October 2012, the third season premiered for the third time and later ended on 3rd May 2013, with the first six seasons being aired on ABC and later on the city by 13th January 2013.

The series was later renewed for a third season on 11th May 2012 with 22 episodes, and it debuted at 9 pm on 23rd October 2012. Sony finally announced that the series has officially ended on 28th June 2013 with no known reason.

Yet again, on 9th December 2014, the Hollywood Reporter made a report that the show is still on and will be renewed for the next season despite being canceled on 16th March 2013. Later, full episodes of the series were initially aired on ABC Studios and Hulu International.

Luckily the series might premier in late 2022 or 2023.

The release date of Happy Endings Season 4 

There have been no plans for the release of a fourth season though the audience is still pushing for the next season’s renewal. 

The plot

The show started in February 2010, starting with brad doing whatever the wife tells him because jane is described as a perfectionist, then comes penny, their single friend who is very picky when it comes to choosing partners.

It goes around six best friends in the “crazy-in-love” married couples with unhealthy adventures living in Chicago. Dave and Alex’s wedding came to completion when Alex left Dave at the altar, and they later decided to remain friends despite their marriage arrangement coming to an end. The six friends must carry on with the sudden change in their friendship due to the break up of Alex and dave.

The cast

The main characters of the series include:

Eliza coupe stars as jane kerkovich-William. she was Alex’s elder sister and Brad’s wife, she wished to begin to have a family and live a perfect life, but after her breakup with Alex, she dismissed the idea. She is competitive. A perfectionist.” the car czar” that deals with cars employ her as a car salesperson after seeing her good negotiating capabilities.

Elisha Cuthbert stars as alexander kerkovich, fondly known as “Alex” Dave’s ex-fiancée and jane’s youngest sister. She left dave at the altar on their wedding day, and sometimes regretting ever making that decision. she loves hanging out with her best friend penny. 

She moves in with penny in season 2 after her apartment is spoiled with smoke; she later moves in with Dave as they rekindle their relationship in season 3.

Zachary Knighton stars as David rose jr, fondly known as “dave” dave finally owns a food truck after his broken engagement with Alex, which has been his longtime dream. Max and Alex later become roommates. Finally, dave and Alex gets back together to rekindle their relation in season 3.

More about Cast:

Adam pally stars as maximum Herbert Blum, fondly known as “max” he is gay, and he is dave’s best friend who buys a limousine in season two to start a driving service but later destroys in a prank.

Damon Wayans stars as Bradley Williams, fondly known as “brad”.dave and max’s best friend and jane’s best friend he was briefly unemployed at the end of season two he was later employed at a children’s gym called “chuckles and hugs”.he was later offered a business job.

Casey Wilson stars as Penelope Aziz Hartz, fondly known as “penny”.she is single and always looks for a perfect guy with who they will be compatible together.  Penny meets Pete in season 3, and they become a couple. Still, unfortunately after four months, they finally break up after realizing they are not compatible but regrets ever making that decision.


Despite the series receiving mixed reactions from the audience, it had a good rating, and the viewers are still hoping for the renewal of the fourth season.

It is a good comedy series that keeps one glued to the series but felt that it did not have a good storyline or anything new to offer. It generally received positive feedback, and the audience is eagerly waiting for the release of the next season. 

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